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Wizards!! Witches!! Muggles!! Squibs!! Gather Around!! I Have News For You <3

Do you miss Hogwarts? Do you miss travelling the Hogwarts express with Harry, Ron, Hermoine and the gang every year at September 1st?

Do you miss the excitement of knowing that the next instalment of Harry’s adventures during the school year? Do you miss Draco’s snarkiness, Snape’s snappy voice, Dumbledore’s twinkling blue eyes, Mcgonnagal’s wisdom, The Weasley Twin’s pranks??

Do you still go back to the Wizarding World, just to reminiscent about all the good times we have had together?

Then this news will make you DELIRIOUS!! 😀 😀 😀

Scholastic and Bloomsbury Publishing UK has decided to publish a fully illustrated Hardcover Edition of the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone  on the October 6th 2015

*Can we do the happy dance now??*

- Calvin

Yes, Yes, the name irritates me as well, but it’s a small inconvenience in the face of the fact WE ARE GETTING A FULLY ILLUSTRATED NOVEL OF THE HARRY POTTER SERIES!! 

Published globally on October 6, 2015, the deluxe hardcover edition will be full color throughout and will include an elegant ribbon marker and illustrated endpapers. This will be the first time that a fully illustrated Harry Potter book has been published.

Here’s a sneak peak into the covers revealed during the press release. (Credit: Illustrations by Jim Kay © 2014 by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc.)

Draco looks scary :O
Hermoine with her wild curls!!! Yay!!
Ron looks weird :P
Ron looks weird 😛
Hagrid is adorable <3 <3
Hagrid is adorable

 The book is illustrated by Kate Greenaway Medal winner, Jim Kay. His comments on the project: “To be given the opportunity to design the characters, the clothing, the architecture and landscapes to possibly the most expansive fantasy world in children’s literature, well let’s just say I’m extremely excited about it. The story is everything, and so I want to bring what I can to really show the depth of Rowling’s stories, to their best.”

Jim Kay is also the illustrator of the book ‘A Monster Calls’by Patrick Ness. Author Ness and illustrator Kay won the Carnegie Medal and the Greenaway Medal in 2012, the “year’s best” children’s literary awards by the British librarians (CILIP). A Monster Calls is the only book whose author and illustrator, whether two persons or one, have won both Medals.


Illustration from A Monster Calls

Jim Kay did a wonderful job with this book, so I am definitely excited to see what magic he will create with the Harry Potter illustrated editions. 

The press release can be read here and here.

I have also left the best news for the last!!!

Because something even more exciting? Fully illustrated editions of each of the seven Harry Potter books will be published—one per year—starting in 2015!


McGonagall says it best 😀


I am going to go and start saving my money. 

Now where did my Piggy Bank run off to? *search intensifies*

PotterGirl Out! 

8 thoughts on “Wizards!! Witches!! Muggles!! Squibs!! Gather Around!! I Have News For You <3”

    1. Oh I know!! I am super excited about these as well!! I can’t wait till October!
      Also, have you seen the new Gift Edition of Philosopher’s Stone? I just ordered it yesterday. Let me tell you.. IT IS BEEEAAUUUTTIIIFFFULLL ❤ ❤


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