It’s Been A While..

Its been ages since I have been active in this blogosphere..

It has been a roller coaster of a ride for yours truly since the last time I was able to post here. I had a huge stack of plates to juggle and somehow being an active blog didn’t quite make the cut for me.

I promise I tried hard; but the fact that I was bale to active on Instagram – but even then it was a toss up if I would be posting regularly.

I had a whole lot of things happening; lets take a look shall we?

  • The biggest thing to happen was that I ended up being pregnant and giving birth to a healthy baby this past May; which meant the whole of 9 months before were a lot; in terms of health and experience.
  • It also meant, the baby was the one who dictated my reading experience – and it was honestly hilariously irritating that my baby’s preferences meant next to no reading (absolutely went on his father in this regard 😂)
  • I had multiple exams from competitive ones to my semester exams – not that it gave me any favourable result but I had to try.
  • But mostly, it was the exhaustion – trust me, I didn’t realise how exhausting it is to grow a human being. It was bone deep exhaustion and all I wanted to do was just freaking sleep. ALL. THE. TIME 🫣
  • And then at the end of my pregnancy, my fur baby, Lord Felix, the youngest baby then, ran away from home. It broke my heart. Literally. I spent a whole day crying and only controlled myself, because there were two babies (one in me and other Queen Artemis) depending on me being healthy and present.
  • It took three and a half days for us to find him; and I still consider myself the luckiest mom ever to have him back home.
  • No matter what struggles I go through; and there have been a few; the fact that I have my three babies with me is enough for me.
When Lord Felix helped me to study for my exams 🥰

That doesn’t seem like much, now does it? But encompassing everything that went on in my life, wasn’t exactly feasible (and I doubt that WordPress wouldn’t limit the words).

But I am gonna try and be back here – slowly getting back to posting schedule; and if you have any ideas as to the kind of content you would like for me to post; beyond reviews and such, don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments!

Till then, I hope you are following me on my social medias (linking them right here!) ❤️‍🔥

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