Goodbye 2022.. It’s Been One Heck of a Ride 🤌🏼

(Image not mine. Please let me know so I can credit the Artist ♥️₹

This is my first and the last post of 2022..

I have been an absent blogger this year; mostly cause it’s been a roller coaster ride for me in my personal life.

If you have been following me on Instagram; then you know a human baby made me his mama this year and I have been trying my best to be able to uphold this huge responsibility.

So for this exact reason; everything in my life took backseat; though no matter how hard I tried, the need to read did make sure that I kept my sanity through the post partum time.

I hope that this year of 2022 went absolutely fabulous for you – do let me know what books you loved this year, because I need to know what books to add to my never ending and overflowing TBR; because it’s starting to look a little small 🤣🤭

While this year my blog lay dormant; I am writing this post as a hope to make sure that

A) I post at least twice a month and at least reviews of my favourite reads in the particular month itself 🤞🏽

B) That I post more than just reviews on Instagram 🤞🏽

C) That I keep my Goodreads, StoryGraph and Readerly updated regularly 🤞🏽

D) That I read more from my own shelves before buying more books *like that’s gonna happen 😉*

E) That I get my Netgalley Reader Score to at least 75% – which means clearing my backlog of titles on my Kindle 🥹

F) Annotating the books I am falling in love with – I love leaving notes to find later when I re-red or for when the next person reads the book 🥺

Here’s to the hope that I fulfill all the points in my to-do list for this year! And if you have still stuck around; you can find the list of books I fell in love with on Instagram 🥰

Till the next year lovelies! Have a good night and a fantastic start to 2023 ♥️