Top It Off: 2016 Favourite Authors


2016 has been quite a roller coaster year for me and not just personally!

It has been a wonderfully brilliant year for me – reading wise! I have found so many new (to me and to you!) amazing authors; whose works I have fallen in love with; over and over again! I have listed them below, in no order, these beautiful ladies, who have not just touched my heart but my soul with their words ❤ Continue reading “Top It Off: 2016 Favourite Authors”


Merry Xmas!!

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas, lovelies! ❣️

It is my dearest wish that every single wish of yours comes true – that you get time to read every single book on your never ending TBR; that you are showered with every single book merchandise that you ever fall in love; and that you get to meet and fan girl over every single favourite author of yours ❣️

All my love, and thoughts to you fellow readers 😁☺️