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ARC Review: Pawn (Ironclad Bodyguards #1) by Molly Joseph


High stakes chess competition has always been a man’s game—until Grace Ann Frasier topples some of the game’s greatest champions and turns the chess world on its ear. Her prowess at the game is matched only by her rivals’ desire to defeat her, or, worse, avenge their losses. When an international championship threatens Grace’s safety, a bevy of security experts are hired to look after her, but only one is her personal, close-duty bodyguard, courtesy of Ironclad Solutions, Inc.

Sam Knight knows nothing about chess, but he knows that Grace is working to achieve something important, and he vows to shelter her from those who mean her harm. In the course of his duties, he realizes there’s more going on than a simple chess match between rivals, and his fragile client is all too aware of the stakes. When she leans on him for emotional support, attraction battles with professionalism and Sam finds his self-discipline wavering. Soon the complexity of their relationship resembles a chess board, where one questionable move can ruin everything—or win a game that could resonate around the world.

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ARC Review

ARC Review: Sapient by Jerry Kaczmarowski


Abandoned by her husband after the birth of their child, Jane Dixon’s world is defined by her autistic son and the research she does to find a cure for his condition. She knows her work on animal intelligence may hold the key. She also knows that the research will take decades to complete. None of it will ultimately benefit her son.

All that changes when a lab rat named Einstein demonstrates that he can read and write. Just as her research yields results, the U.S. government discovers her program. The army wants to harness her research for its military potential. The CDC wants to shut her down completely. The implications of animal intelligence are too dangerous, particularly when the previously inert virus proves to be highly contagious.

She steals the virus to cure her son, but the government discovers the theft. She must now escape to Canada before the authorities can replace her son’s mental prison with a physical one.

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ARC Review

ARC Review: Call of the Wild Werewolf by Jack London, Carl Waters


Deciding to leave his easy life in Santa Clara Valley, Buck Miller, the son of a wealthy judge and raisin farmer, pursues gold riches in the Klondike. Before he reaches his destination, Buck is kidnapped by vampires, turned into a werewolf, and forced to work as the vampire’s sled dog.

Now, in an unfamiliar place and in an unfamiliar body, Buck must learn to survive more than just the brutal weather. With attacks from vicious werewolves and abuse from his masters, will Buck be able to regain his humanity or will he spend the rest of his days living as a wolf?


This a mashup story. It combines Jack London’s classic, The Call of the Wild, with the werewolf mythology in my Merlin’s Hoods world.

It is in the same vein as Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith’s mashup novel, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Instead of adding zombies, I’ve added werewolves and vampires.

Mashup stories are a creative novelty. The idea is to create a new story by adding as few words to the original story as possible. So, most of the words in this story are Jack London’s.

I love werewolves and the protagonist, Buck Miller, is a powerful werewolf in my Merlin’s Hood world. This is his origin story.

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The Calish Couple Tour: Song of Secrets (The School for Wayward Demons) Tate Hallaway and Rachel Calish


A shape-shifter with a penchant for breaking and entering…

A homeless boy struggling with hallucinations that could turn out to be all too real…

A monster in need of rescue…

And a mathematical genius with a real demon of a mother…

Fate draws Theo, Gabe, Erin and Kitty to a place they jokingly call “The School for Wayward Demons.” There they learn that sinister forces threaten to invade the city of San Francisco and plot to overthrow the powers that be. Now they must choose whom to trust: the witches, the demons, or the Shaitans. Or each other.

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Cover Reveal

Cover Reveal: Hearts of Blue by LH Cosway

Today is the final day of the Release Week Event for L.H. Cosway’s King of Hearts and what better way to celebrate as we reveal the cover for HEARTS OF BLUE, book 4 in the Hearts series releasing in November 2015!

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ARC Review

Arc Review: The Boy Meets Girl Massacre (Annotated) by Ainslie Hogarth


Noelle takes a summer nightshift job at the infamous Boy Meets Girl Inn, even though she’s well aware of the grisly murders that happened there decades ago. That’s why she has a diary—to write down everything she experiences in case things go bump in the night. But the inexplicable freezing drafts, the migrating rotten-flesh smell, and the misplaced personal items don’t really scare her. Noelle has bigger problems: her father’s ailing health, her friend Alfred’s inappropriate crush, and the sore spot on the back of her head that keeps getting worse.

When a party commemorating the anniversary of the original killings ends in a ghoulish bloodbath, Noelle’s diary becomes the key piece of evidence for investigators. But the cryptic and often incoherent entries suggest there is more to the bizarre case than can be rationally explained…

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Blog Tour- Review + Giveaway: Stormbringer (The Wyrd #2) By Alis Franklin


Ragnarok—aka the end of the world—was supposed to doom the gods as well. Instead, it was a cosmic rebooting. Now low-level IT tech and comic-book geek Sigmund Sussman finds himself an avatar of a Norse goddess. His boyfriend, the wealthy entrepreneur Lain Laufeyjarson, is channeling none other than Loki, the trickster god. His best friends, Em and Wayne, harbor the spirits of slain Valkyries. Cool, right?

The problem is, the gods who survived the apocalypse are still around—and they don’t exactly make a great welcoming committee. The children of Thor are hellbent on reclaiming their scattered birthright: the gloves, belt, and hammer of the Thunder God. Meanwhile, the dwarves are scheming, the giants are pissed, and the goddess of the dead is demanding sanctuary for herself and her entire realm.

Caught in the coils of the Wyrd, the ancient force that governs gods and mortals alike, Sigmund and his crew are suddenly facing a second Ragnarok that threatens to finish what the first one started. And all that stands in the way are four nerds bound by courage, love, divine powers, and an encyclopedic knowledge of gaming lore.

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Book Blitz

Book Blitz: Truth or Beard (Winston Brothers #1) by Penny Reid


A Very Happy Birthday to Truth or Beard by one of my favourite authors of all times – Penny Reid! If you still haven’t read her books, then you are totally missing out on something weirdly wonderful. SO what are you waiting for? Go check out her books like, RIGHT NOW! But if you are still in two minds, I suggest you give the blurb of this book a read and just maybe enter in to win some amazing prizes in the giveaway at the end of the post! Continue reading “Book Blitz: Truth or Beard (Winston Brothers #1) by Penny Reid”


For This Blog has Achieved Partial Greatness – One of Top 15 Socially Active Blogs in India


So I am taking a short time to bring a news – My blog aka For The Love of Fictional Worlds has been selected as one of the TOP 15 SOCIALLY ACTIVE BOOK BLOGS IN INDIA!!!! Read all about the different blogs here – 😀

It’s been only 8 months since I started this beautiful journey of book blogging and I never expected such an immense love from all of you! For what it’s worth – Thank you all of you, for reading my ramblings, for commenting on my posts and for basically being an amazing community that has welcomed me with open arms. This achievement couldn’t have been possible without you ❤

And here is GIANT BAYMAX HUG from me to you 😀



Blog Tour: Review + Giveaway: King of Hearts by LH Cosway

King of Hearts Release Week Event
Happy Release Day to L.H. Cosway and her new book King of Hearts! The King of Hearts release week event begins today. Be on the lookout for what the blogs aka the wonderful bookworms have to say about Oliver King’s story! Take a sneak peek into the book below and make sure to enter the giveaway! Good luck! Continue reading “Blog Tour: Review + Giveaway: King of Hearts by LH Cosway”