Review Policy

If you want me to review your book, you can either leave a message here (check ‘Talk To Me‘) or email me at

Please note that the reviews would be honest and would compose of my opinions, be it positive or negative. If you want a review by a particular date, please do leave an express comment regarding the deadline, because I usually end up reading whatever picks at my fancy at a particular moment.

Genres that I would be happy to review:

  • Historical Fiction
  • Contemporary Romance
  • Historical Romance
  • Young Adult Fiction
  • Science – Fiction
  • Horror
  • Dystopian
  • Crime
  • Mystery
  • Thriller

Book Formats I would be happy to receive:

  • Paperback (Highly Preferred)
  • Hardback (Highly Preferred)
  • Epub
  • Mobi
  • Pre-release
  • Author Signed Books (Highly Preferred)

Important Note: I am a book blogger from India, so please keep that in mind if you would sent me a PB/HC versions of the book. But if you do, I would definitely prioritize your book for review.

Thank you 🙂


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