ARC Review: Sunday Love by K J Lewis

Meeting the man buying their company wasn’t on the agenda today. Meeting the man while massaging lotion on her ‘marshmallows’ – definitely not.

Smart and sexy Elise Donovan has made a career of fixing things. With a reputation for being the best in the business, her team is often pulled into front page headlines that need to be handled. After being away for six weeks attempting to repair a company just coming through a hostile takeover, time with her team at a luxury retreat is all she wants right now.

It’s no secret Reid Beckett is a serial player who only plays by the rules in business. At a retreat to announce the merger with his best friend’s company, his inability to stay away from the spunky brunette who is soon to be his employee has him questioning if rules really are made to be broken.

Vying for leverage Elise and Reid find themselves battling over who runs things in the boardroom and in the bedroom. Struggling to relinquish power for trust in their relationship, will they be able to leave the rules behind to find their Sunday loves? Continue reading

ARC Review: A Thousand Letters by Staci Hart


Sometimes your life is split by a single decision.

I’ve spent every day of the last seven years regretting mine: he left, and I didn’t follow. A thousand letters went unanswered, my words like petals in the wind, spinning away into nothing, taking me with them.

But now he’s back.

I barely recognize the man he’s become, but I can still see a glimmer of the boy who asked me to be his forever, the boy I walked away from when I was young and afraid.

Maybe if he’d come home under better circumstances, he could speak to me without anger in his voice. Maybe if I’d said yes all those years ago, he’d look at me without the weight of rejection in his eyes. Maybe if things were different, we would have had a chance.

One regretted decision sent him away. One painful journey brought him back to me. I only wish I could keep him.

*A contemporary romance inspired by Jane Austen’s Persuasion*

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ARC Review: Singe (Guardian Protection #1) by Aly Martinez


She was my nightmare. Every time I closed my eyes, I watched her fall into that inferno. Over and over, I failed to save her.

I hadn’t been able to reach her, and the guilt only burned hotter over time. Four years later, I was the unreachable one.

Heroes aren’t always saints. Sometimes, we’re nothing more than jaded sinners driven by sleepless nights and hearts full of darkness.

And then I met her. She was a dreamer who managed to soothe my scars and heal my wounds.

But, as the flames closed in around us, I feared I wasn’t the right man to save her. That is until I realized she was the one woman I’d burn the world down to protect.

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ARC Review: Walk of Shame (Love & Other Disasters #1) by Jennifer Dawson


The walk of shame.

Ah, yes, there’s nothing quite like shamelessly letting yourself be dragged off to a storage closet by a younger man to really put the cherry on top of your humiliation sundae. It’s been a long, slow trip to the bottom, but I’ve finally reached my limit. After spending the night with Christopher Fellows, and slinking out of his apartment in the wee hours of the morning, I have no choice but to take a serious look at myself. It’s time for a change. A real life overhaul, full of self-development, healthy living, and all that other stuff that’s supposed to be good for you. And what better way to find yourself than with a vow of celibacy and a trip to Belize? The way I figure it, if you’re going to get your act together, you might as well begin with a tropical jaunt to paradise to start your transformation off on the right foot.

What could possibly go wrong?

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ARC Review: Vicious (Sinner of Saints #1) by L.J. Shen



They say love and hate are the same feelings experienced under different circumstances, and it’s true.
The man who comes to me in my dreams also haunts me in my nightmares.
He is a brilliant lawyer.
A skilled criminal.
A beautiful liar.
A bully and a savior, a monster and a lover.
Ten years ago, he made me run away from the small town where we lived. Now, he came for me in New York, and he isn’t leaving until he takes me with him.


She is a starving artist.
Pretty and evasive like cherry blossom.
Ten years ago, she barged into my life unannounced and turned everything upside down.
She paid the price.
Emilia LeBlanc is completely off-limits, my best friend’s ex-girlfriend. The woman who knows my darkest secret, and the daughter of the cheap Help we hired to take care of our estate.
That should deter me from chasing her, but it doesn’t.
So she hates me. Big fucking deal.
She better get used to me.

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ARC Review: Collecting The Pieces by L.A. Fiore


At fifteen I fell in love. His name was Jake Stephens and he took the abandoned, lonely girl I had been and made me whole. His love was a pure and unconditional love that made every day better than the last…a fairy tale of my very own.

But this story isn’t about Jake. It’s about Abel Madden; the man I meet after the fairy tale goes to hell. A cocky, arrogant man who says what he wants, does as he pleases, and makes no excuses for it. He irritates me—downright pisses me off at times—but he also brings me back to life.

My name is Sidney Ellis and this is my story of finding love twice—the first when I needed it most and the second when I never saw it coming. Continue reading

ARC Review: The Bachelor Auction (The Bachelors of Arizona #1) by Rachel Van Dyken


Jane isn’t entirely sure that Cinderella got such a raw deal. Sure, she had a rough start, but didn’t she eventually land a prince and a happily-ever-after? Meanwhile, Jane is busy waiting on her demanding, entitled sisters, running her cleaning business, and . . . yep, not a prince in sight. Until a party and a broken shoe incident leave Jane wondering if princes—or at least, a certain deliciously hunky billionaire—maybe do exist.

Except Brock Wellington isn’t anyone’s dream guy. Hell, a prince would never agree to be auctioned off in marriage to the highest bidder. Or act like an arrogant jerk—even if it was just a façade. Now, as Brock is waiting for the auction chopping block, he figures it’s karmic retribution that he’s tempted by a sexy, sassy woman he can’t have. But while they can’t have a fairy-tale ending, maybe they can indulge in a little bit of fantasy. Continue reading

ARC Review + Excerpt: Neighbors (Twin Estates #1) by Stylo Fantome


Things a good neighbor can do for you:

1. Give you a cup of sugar

2. Let you borrow his lawnmower

3. Water your plants while you’re on vacation

4. Make your eyes roll back in your head with his tongue

Katya Tocci has never paid much attention to who lives next door – her career always kept her too busy. She’s a good girl, working her way to becoming the most sought after cake designer in all of San Francisco.

But even a good girl’s gotta cut loose once in a while, right? So one fake dating profile later, and she’s ready to tarnish her squeaky clean image. Little does she know, her fun time is closer to home than she ever imagined.

Throw in a neighbor who wants to corrupt her, and another who just wants to own her, and her entire world is flipped upside down.

Who knew neighbors could be so helpful? Continue reading

ARC Review + Giveaway: Transfer (Retrieval #2) by Aly Martinez


One story. Two couples.

I fell in love with a man who didn’t exist.

What started out as romance ended in hell.

His words turned to razor blades.

His kisses converted to fists.

His embrace became my cage.

His body transformed into a weapon, stealing parts of me until ultimately….

I broke.


I hated him.

My sole job in life became to protect our daughter.

I wasn’t sure I’d ever escape the prison he’d skillfully crafted from my fears.

Until the day our savior arrived.

This is the story of how I escaped the man who thought he owned me.

The transfer of my life and my family.

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ARC Review: The Prince & The Player (Dirty Players #1) by Tia Louise


Let the games begin…

Runaway Zelda Wilder will do whatever it takes to secure a better life for her and her sister Ava. Crown Prince Rowan Westringham Tate will do whatever it takes to preserve his small country.

When Zee is blackmailed into helping a vengeful statesman take down Rowan, she never expects she’ll be pulled into a web of lies and international intrigue–much less that she’ll find herself falling for Cal, Rowan’s “playboy” younger brother.

Ava’s no help, as she finds quiet walks in the moonlight discussing poetry and leadership with the brooding future king irresistible. Even more irresistible is kissing his luscious lips.

They’re in over their heads, and the more time passes, the more danger the sisters are in. Shots are fired, and it’s soon clear even a prince might not be able to rescue these players.

Cinderella meets Ocean’s Eleven in this CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE DUET, featuring secrets, lies, royal high jinks, scams and double-crosses; breathless, swooning lust, cocky princes, dominant alpha future-kings, and crafty courtiers, who are not always what they seem.


My Review (1)
eARC provided in exchange for an honest review

Disclaimer: This is the first book in the Dirty Player Duet and ends in quite a cliffhanger.

“Did you never dream of being a princess when you were a little girl?”

 “No.” I glance over my shoulder, and my eyes meet Ava’s. “I dreamed of finding us a safe place to sleep, of no one catching us stealing food or breaking into boathouses when it rained. I dreamed of a place where we didn’t have to be afraid…”

Once upon a time, there were two sisters; homeless and orphaned all they had was each other and their skills as a con artist to survive day by day. They are the only family they have – Zelda Wilder aka Zee is the older sister; the one who is the front of their cons and the one who protects her younger sister, Ava Wilder aka Ava-bug. They might not have had the best life, but they have always been able to count on each other and that is their biggest strength. So when, they are approached (or rather blackmailed) by a gentleman, Grand Duke Reginald Winchester, who apparently wants Zee to run a con to “save” his country, she has no choice but to accept.

Rowan Westringham Tate aks Ro, is the heir apparent to this European country called Monagsco with MacCallum Lockwood Tate aka Cal, his younger brother. Rowan has been slowly making a whole lot of changes for his country, while simultaneously been embroiled in a scandal – which has made his mother all the more determined to marry him off!

A ball held for all the stately single woman, is where Ro and Cal meet the Wilder sisters and it’s open season on good intentions and bad villains.

Zelda Wilder is no princess. The closest I am is a dirty Cinderella, an orphan on the run, and that’s not the kind of girl for a prince.

This one was a one hell of a bumpy ride – you have Zee who is supposed to be seducing Rowan, but can’t seem to keep her eyes (or hands) off his younger brother Cal. And then you have Rowan, who knows that he needs to charm Zee, for her “inheritance” could help his country out in more ways than one; but somehow can’t seem to stop thinking about Zee’s “friend” Ava. Yup, this one was one serious clusterbomb really!

This one starts off quite a bit slow, but then again, there are a whole lot of background situations brewing up, but the best of all is the slow connection that both couple seem to be building with each other.

This is a book that you definitely need to read, to enjoy the full effect of what the plot entails – and it is not without it’s doozies!

I feel like a dirty Cinderella, playing games with the handsome prince’s heart.

The only issue I had with this one was, that while we got Rowan’s POV, I would have also LOVED having Ava’s as well! It would have provided me with a wholistic view of the players in this game!

While Rowan and Ava were the cheesy and sweet couple; Cal and Zee became my favourite; not only because the focus of the book was on their relationship; but because theirs was a relationship based on sarcasm, lustful actions and definitely an emotional connection, neither of them ever saw coming!

The lies, betrayal and the political thrills; were honestly just the icing on the cake! It is in the last 15-20% of the book that we end up with a whole lot of action that speeds everything along! And trust me, you will be waiting with bated breath to know exactly how everything ends up!

And, being totally honest here – I did not have to wait anytime, before I could dive into the next book – making my rating for this one a bit biased; because no matter how hard I try, I honestly am keeping the conclusion in mind while rating this one!

“I can’t drag you into this.”

“I’m already in it.”

“I’m not good for you.”

“You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

“You can’t save me.”

“Want to bet?”

Pick this book (or rather this duet) up, if you adore your romances with a whole lot of bite and secrets to spice it up!

The conclusion – A Player For A Princess releases in 3 (THREE) freaking days, so this is the perfect time, for ya’ll to actually pick this one up!

Cheers, Pavi

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