Unboxing: “Finders Keepers” February Anniversary Box by The Big Book Box

It’s THE ANNIVERSARY EDITION OF THE BIG BOOK BOX and I anticipated a freaking awesome box this month; and the team at The Big Book Box did not disappoint. At. All.  

The contents of the box are:

  • Three Amazing mini Candles – Sherlock, Nancy Drew and Tin Tin
  • Popeye Necklace
  • A Hogwarts Leather Luggage Tag
  • Three Beautiful Seas Themed Double Sided Bookmarks
  • “Why is the Bloody Wine Always Gone” Pouch
  • A Large Fiction Themed Map with all the genres
  • A subscribers Handbook with all the FAQs
  • A personalized letter from the Team The Big Book Box

As usual, I am in love with all the goodies that the team has curated for this box; in fact I have to admit they pretty much went all out for this box, making the subscribers feel all the more special!

And as per usual; the favourites of the box for me and trust me, it was a difficult choice to make here, were:

  • A Large Fiction Themed Map with all the genres 

This HAS to be my favourite; not only is it beautiful but it is also detailed – it has all the genres and the sub genres in each, designed like a map so that we can we see where we travel from one point to the other.  

And not to mention, it being one of the unique items that I have ever seen; which is sort of hard to with all the book boxes floating around!

  • Three Beautiful Seas Themed Double Sided Bookmarks 

The Big Book Box designs some of my favorite bookmarks; and this edition wasn’t going to disappoint. I swear I would get their boxes if only for their bookmarks.

  • A Hogwarts Leather Luggage Tag 

This is on my favorites list, mostly cause I am wishing that if my luggage ever gets lost, it will be posted off to Hogwarts and I could follow it there. Good Plan no?? 😉

This is another book box, that I absolutely love, and I really hope that you could get your hands on it!!

You can get a Box for yourself – Frappe, Expresso, Cappuccino & Cafe Mocha  and use my code “FORTHELOVEOFFICTIONALWORLDS15” to get an additional discount! You can get one box, quarterly and yearly subscription! ❤

You can find TBB Box at Instagram; Twitter, Facebook and Website.

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