Monthly Favourites

The Month Where Genres Didn’t Matter – Monthly Favourites of October <3

October has long been considered the spooky month of the year – so it would be natural to pick up some nice, spooky reads that would be perfect for the month; but when have I ever done anything that’s considered “normal”? *grins*

Also, remind me why did I believe it would be a good decision to start off studying for a whole new degree that, although maybe connected to my field of work, but is still new to me; WHILE I am also working? *facepalm*

Hence, the reason why I couldn’t read a whole lot of *physical* books this month (& before you say so; I don’t discriminate between physical and e-books; I just LOVE physical books more!)– and why the list of these favourites are all over the genre spectre! But I enjoyed all of them, nevertheless & I recommend them fully, if these are the books you love!

Just like always, PLEASE PLEASE do not hesitate to talk to about me your favourite reads of this past month – don’t listen to my overflowing TBR shelf; it can handle a lot more than it says it can 😉

With Beard Necessities, I say goodbye to the series that gave that foundation to my love for Bearded Heroes – The Winston Brothers Series not only is it an end to an era, but Penny Reid has given her readers the best possible second chance romance – finding that elusive balance between angst and hope – it was a read that was the perfect way to say goodbye without having to rip my everything in me apart!

You know you have a really good book in hand, when you actually start picking up the author’s backlist even before you reach halfway through the book – a POC war veteran turned security specialist and a PI with a bionic leg butt heads and hearts in this wonderful slow burn romance that will have you chuckling and rooting for the protagonists right from the start!

In case, you are living under a rock – ya’ll must have heard about the Artemis Fowl Series – a criminal genius who first holds ransom an entirely hidden species and then becomes their ally and if I say so, their friend.

The Fowl Twins follows the adventures of Artemis Fowl’s equally genius twin brothers, who are as different from each other as night & day – the only difference? Unlike Artemis, Myles and Beckett Fowl didn’t actually invite the trouble in; but trouble found them all the same – the FOWL genes must be one heck of an attraction to trouble!

How many times have you and I wondered how to find the perfect balance between the traditional expectations of our desi parents and our love for a little more modernity & freedom in our lives? I am 28 years old; and yet I still struggle to find that balance – and that makes A Match Made In Mehendi – the perfect read, which not only gives us a fast paced plotline, but also ends up being purely relatable for all those who still need a little more growing up to do!

A grumpy, jerk of an a –hole under house arrest and a timid, shy yet stubborn assistant butt heads in this newest romance from an author who has fast become a favourite for when I need the perfect balance between hilarity and emotions to forget reality!

Like I said before, PLEASE PLEASE do not hesitate to talk to about me your favourite reads of this past month – don’t listen to my overflowing TBR shelf; it can handle a lot more than it says it can 😉


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