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The Month Where Genres Didn’t Matter – Monthly Favourites of October <3

October has long been considered the spooky month of the year – so it would be natural to pick up some nice, spooky reads that would be perfect for the month; but when have I ever done anything that’s considered “normal”? *grins*

Also, remind me why did I believe it would be a good decision to start off studying for a whole new degree that, although maybe connected to my field of work, but is still new to me; WHILE I am also working? *facepalm*

Hence, the reason why I couldn’t read a whole lot of *physical* books this month (& before you say so; I don’t discriminate between physical and e-books; I just LOVE physical books more!)– and why the list of these favourites are all over the genre spectre! But I enjoyed all of them, nevertheless & I recommend them fully, if these are the books you love!

Just like always, PLEASE PLEASE do not hesitate to talk to about me your favourite reads of this past month – don’t listen to my overflowing TBR shelf; it can handle a lot more than it says it can 😉 Continue reading The Month Where Genres Didn’t Matter – Monthly Favourites of October ❤