An Exceptionally Charming Romance that Teaches us the Lesson to “Never Judge a Book by its Cover!”: Blog Tour – Review + Excerpt: My Bare Lady (Scorned Women’s Society #1) by Piper Sheldon


My Bare Lady, a funny and heartwarming romantic comedy standalone from Piper Sheldon and Smartypants Romance is available now – check out my review and don’t forget to grab yourself a copy of this unique and charming romance! 

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Suzie Samuels is the only thing standing between Clifford and his life’s work. All he has to do is change everything about her. Perception creates reality and Clifford Rutledge needs the irascible stripper to prove it.

Suzie Samuels is set to prove once and for all she’s more than Short Fuse Suze, stripper for the Black Demons and renowned motorcycle arsonist. If all it takes is hard work, then Suzie knows how to work it hard.

But Suzie’s scandalous spirit tests Clifford’s resolve. And Clifford’s buttoned-up bullying is driving Suzie bonkers.

Can Clifford move past their differences long enough to pull off the impossible task of changing the bare lady into a fair lady?

More importantly, as perceptions shift and priorities change, will he want to?

‘My Bare Lady’ is a full-length contemporary romantic comedy, can be read as a standalone, and is book #1 in the Scorned Women’s Society series, Green Valley World, Penny Reid Book Universe.

Just when you think that you could NOT be surprised anymore with the Smartypants Romance venture from Penny Reid – there comes a unique and exceptionally brilliant romance that teaches us the lesson to “never judge a book by its cover!”

My Bare Lady in fact, celebrates the differences, distinctions in personalities of those around us; and does a outstanding job of making sure that we think twice before believing our eyes, to caution us to understand that what we hear about a human being, or even what we see is one dimensional – the hardest thing ever to do is not be judgemental when it comes to others; to seek the whole truth, to understand teh why’s of someone’s actions, words or behaviour!

I admittedly, went into this book believing that it would be light-hearted romance like the rest of the books in the Pennyverse Universe – so I wasn’t expecting the scars, the vulnerability hidden behind the caustic remarks and the struggle as well as the effort it took our protagonist to become comfortable in her own skin.SWS01-LIVE copy

Suzie, our heroine, is a stripper – and yes, one of the ladies dumped by our very own Jethro Winston (of Grin and Beard It fame!); and one who has a reputation to be a little more volatile than one would expect! But slowly, you get to see the vulnerability behind her strong facade and the innocence as well and you can’t help but feel a little angry at yourself for judging her at a glance in the starting and end up becoming her biggest advocate by the end!

Ford – oh lord, our very own dear Ford had me eating out of his hand the moment I met this nerdy and reserved man at the start of the book; and you can’t help but end up cheering for this adorable man who shows his protective side with a bit of alpha-ness, when it came to Suzie and her best!

On paper, these two couldn’t be any different from each other – but it is their differences that somehow bind them together – their own traumas were easier to handle together and I couldn’t help but smile so freaking big when they both had their moment of realisation that they are the strongest together!

My Bare Lady, like I said at the start of the review, is an exceptional romance between two distinct individuals that you can’t help but root for!
⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ .5
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I was transfixed. It wasn’t just the way she mastered the room. It wasn’t just how her choreography perfectly correlated with the entrancing music. It wasn’t just her sex appeal. It was that unwavering gaze and focus on her task. To the rest of the room, staring blatantly at her admirable—ahem—assets, she was an object, but I recognized the barely controlled passion roiling under her skin. What would it be like to be that strong? Not just physically, but strong in a way that allowed her to bare her soul to a group of greedy strangers. My passions were locked away safely inside me and yet she put it all out there. Such bravery and passion.

In certain moments, I swear she looked right at me—quick stolen glances that shot a bolt of adrenaline down my spine. Perhaps this was a skill she learned to earn more tips, as the money was out in droves now, peppered over the stage and her sweating skin. But I swore she saw me. Saw through me. To the things I didn’t want seen. I stepped back further into the darkness knowing my concerns were irrational but unable to tear my eyes off hers. I was stronger than this. I was thoughtful, pragmatic, and not a victim of animalistic natures and poetic fantasies.

Though she occasionally snapped the thin strips of material that made up her outfit in a playful tease she never took any clothes off. She didn’t need to. She’d managed to capture the attention of every person in that room with her movements alone.

My body reacted despite my rationale; heart pounding, skin aflame. I needed to leave. I wouldn’t be like the rest of these people.

The song crescendoed and in a show of strength, she launched herself back to the top of the pole once again. A small gasp escaped from me but the music drowned out all noise. She performed a trick that made her appear to fall down the entire length of the pole, tumbling over and sideways, limb over limb, only to catch herself at the bottom using only her thighs. She hung upside down, panting, dark hair sprawled out around her and her gaze set on me. Her eyes were a brilliant emerald, unlike any color I’d ever seen. They were luminescent in the stage lighting. Even across the hazy bar, they were transcendent. Glowing. Fixated on me.

Nobody else.

I swallowed but it wasn’t easy. The song ended and the lights went out. The crowd went wild. Several moments passed before I gained control of my faculties again. With that control came the shame of watching her. The understanding that just seeing her perform was enough to make me forget who I was. That couldn’t happen.

I got out of there as fast as I could. The entire drive back to Knoxville my chest heaved at an alarming rate; my body remained a mass of tension. Her hypnotic gaze flashed repeatedly in my vision no matter how often I tried to shake it loose.

Thankfully, I’d never see her again.

Piper Sheldon writes Contemporary Romance and Magical Realism books that hope to be New York Times bestsellers when they grow up. For now, she works as a technical writer during the day and writes about love the rest of the time. Of course she also makes room for her husband, toddler, and two needy dogs at home in the Desert Southwest.

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