A very Happy New Year to you and yours from me and mine!

Its been a privilege to know ya’ll through the last few years; and I am so freaking excited to see our relationship, not just with books but with each grow in the coming decade!

I wish you all the happiness, joy and success in the world – treasure each moment in this race of life; find moments to make them into memories and spread joy & kindness as and when possible – it takes little effort; but does wonders for our personal mental health and growth! ❤ Continue reading “A NEW DAY: A NEW YEAR: A NEW DECADE – HAPPY 2020!! <3”

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2015: What I am Looking Forward to!

A year ends. A year with one of the most ups and downs I have ever encountered in all of my life.

I am going to write down some of the most important things I am looking forward to (bookish and non – bookish), just so I can keep a track of what resolutions I have made [and what I can tick off ;)]

These resolutions aren’t airtight (If they were, I definitely would be adhering to them. The rebel in me doesn’t like to be tethered! :P) but mere suggestions. I am going to try my best to listen to them!!

Wish me luck, you awesome sauce readers ❤

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