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Review: Pune Murder Chronicles by Manasi Sapare


On New Year’s Day, a man is found brutally murdered on the outskirts of Pune City. Pune’s leading investigative journalist, Chakradhar, is shocked by this gory and puzzling crime. The dead man is found with multiple stab wounds in the shape of a hideous smile carved on his face. Post mortem results show that the wounds were inflicted with an old fashioned fountain pen while the victim was still alive.

Chakradhar, assisted by his spunky kickboxer protege Mukta, a genius anti-social computer hacker AAtif, and Chakradhar’s best friend Dr. Poonawala – an eccentric bumbling GP – is drawn into a spine – chilling investigation.

The case starts spiralling out of control when bodies start piling up with the killer’s signature – the smile carved on victim’s faces. As Chakradhar races on with determination to get to the bottom of this mystery, he uncovers a terrible secret in corporate Pune. But, even when he solves one clue after another, the architect of this puzzle – the murderer – is still at large.

And, suddenly, Chakradhar is at target.

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