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Unboxing: February “Doctor Who” IAAK Box

I have been a fan of Doctor Who ever since I started watching the reboot from Season 9 and I still watch it religiously even now (Yay for the FEMALE DOCTOR!!). 

But sadly, unlike other fandoms I rarely get a chance to collect merchandise for Doctor Who; mostly because they can be quite costly in Indi. So when one of my favouirte box subscription guys came up with this fandom box, I just knew I had to get it and mostly because I have no impulse control, I did *shrugs*  Continue reading Unboxing: February “Doctor Who” IAAK Box

Unboxing: December “Harry Potter” IAAK Box

I have been an ardent fan of IAAK Box ever since they launched in the mid of 2017; they are not book based, but merchandise based and that’s what makes them so different from other box subscriptions available, for they cater to a crowd who love collecting merchandise related to their favorite fandoms and they curated boxes with special care for limited edition merchandise that usually isn’t found in India!
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