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200 Followers??? YOU ARE ALL MINE NOW!!!



That! That dance is exactly what I did when I realised I have 200 amazing peeps following me here ❤

There was a time when I scoffed at the fact that I would have 10 people even wanting listen to my thoughts about a book – any book and yet here we are – with 200 of you giving me all this love ❤

I am honestly very grateful! And I absolutely adore every single one of you who takes time out to listen to my rambles 😀

And just so you know, I am never letting even a single one you leave – keeping you all here – with books as bribes 😛

While I would love to do a giveaway appreciating everything ya’ll do for me – I am gearing up for a big giveaway in November that might or might not include a Signed book and boxset 😉

You’ll just have to wait and find out 😀

Love you!! Happy Reading to All ❤