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Review: Brother Sinister Series by Courtney Milan


I downloaded The Duchess War as a free book on the BookBub website. For those who don’t know (seriously, have you been living under a rock, you bookworms!), BookBub is a website that gives you both free Ebooks (depending on your location) and great deals on many known and some unknown bestsellers. Thanks to BookBub, my Kindle is now more than 200 books richer *_*

I started Duchess War on a whim and that whim led me to a marathon reading of the whole Brother Sinister series in 3 days. That’s 6 whole books in 3 days, barring work and sleep. Yes, I sneaked in reading at work. Sue me. (Not if you are my supervisor! Please I need the job to feed my addiction :P)

So, for this post, I am reviewing the whole series together. Each review will be short, but will have quotes and/or dialogues that I have loved from each book.

Are you ready to give up the next 20 odd minutes of your life? 😛

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