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For the Love of Manga <3

Manga is one of the most beautiful versions of comics that exists today (At least in my opinion :P).

For those of you, who are noobs (like I was, about a few months back :P), Manga refers to comics that are usually published or originate in Japan written in the typical Japanese style of writing a story in images and/cartoons. It is only called Manga by the fans in the west  but not in Japan itself. It is usually in black and white and has to be read from Right to Left (kind of like Arabic but with images :P).

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December Delivery!!

I was supposed to put this post up, yesterday, but my WiFi just had go on a strike at just the right moment! Honestly, its like it hates me (on second thoughts, nope, I am way too adorable :P) 

Getting back on the topic! MY December started off a little slow but ended with a bang! How, you may ask? Well with a book delivery of course 😉 

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