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More Awesome Reads For Your TBR <3 | Anticipated Reads of August 2021

Holy Moly! August is already here and in another 4 months this very traumatic year would hopefully be in our rearview mirror and we can all just try and move on from it.

But to be very honest, I have loved finding so many wonderful books each month, a list that is curated for the ever changing tastes that a reader reading this list might find one to suit your taste!

I had good reading month for July; I was able to read at least few of the books on my list; and I am hoping that it would be the same for this month too *fingers crossed*

As always, this is not the total list of all the books being released in this particular month; these are the books that I am looking forward in this month – and maybe just maybe update, the list with my review links at the end of the month, so that ya’ll can access to the reviews without any issues(I know.. I know! I have a whole lot of reviews to be updated, and I will be doing that, hopefully soon!)

If you would like to, you can also check out the previous months – January 2021, February 2021, March 2021, April 2021, May 2021, June 2021 and July 2021 Anticipated Reads as well.


Genres: Young Adult/ LGBTQ+/Coming of Age

Releases on: 03rd August 2021

Why is being different considered to be a curse? What must one do to retain their individuality in face of the pressure of a society that just wants you to blend in?

Like Other Girls is all this and hopefully more – when our protagonist finds herself on the football team and launches an avalanche of reactions that will change her small town forever; hopefully!

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Genres: Dark Academia/ Sapphic Romance/Young Adult

Releases on: 3rd August 2021

I fell in love with Institutional/Boarding School plotline with Ace of Spades (though that wasn’t exactly set in a boarding school, but a rather a private school), so any blurb that mentions  Boarding School + Twistedness + Past Secrets = Immediate Addition to my TBR  *winks*

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THE DEAD AND THE DARK by Courtney Gould

Genres: Young Adult/Horror/Paranormal

Releases on: 3rd August 2021

I read “Ghost Hunting Dad”’ and immediately put it on my TBR – and then read the blurb.

Add in a spooky atmospheric plotline; a dangerous mystery that will dig up the buried secrets; and we have what I hope will be a highly intense intriguing debut on our hands!

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AS GOOD AS DEAD (A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder #3) by Holly Jackson

Genres: Thriller/Mystery/Young Adult

Releases on:5th August 2021

If you haven’t still fallen on the bandwagon of A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder – a series following our protagonist as she researches for her own true crime podcast; and ends up solving cold cases with no less amount of danger to herself and her loved ones.

And considering the fact that in this instalment, the case becomes all about our protagonist Pip; I just know its going to be a heart pounding ride!

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Genres: Mexican Rep/Young Adult/Coming of Age

Releases on: 10th August 2021

How would you feel if your own sister hit the road for fame; and ended up taking you along for the ride; but behind the scenes?

Finding yourself with your nemesis on a road trip with a group of beautiful people; in front of whom you would find yourself only counting flaws – this one makes for a very intriguing coming of age young adult novel; especially in the era of influencers!

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REDEMPTOR (Raybearer #2) by Jordan Ifuenko

Genres: Diverse Rep/Young Adult/Fantasy Fiction

Releases on: 17th August 2021

I LOVED RAYBEARER (Read My Review) – I mean, beautiful world building with brilliant characters and a found family trope that will steal your heart away! It was one of my top favourites of 2020 – and I am so freaking excited to see how and where do our beloved characters go through! I hope they stay safe *fingers crossed*

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VELVET WAS THE NIGHT by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Genres: Historical Fiction/Mystery/Thriller

Releases on: 17th August 2021

Have I read Mexican Gothic yet? Nope.

Is that going to stop me from putting this very intriguing Historical Fiction – Mystery on my list? Also nope!

But I have heard some very great things about this author’s talent an I am looking forward to actually hoping that pick up this new book and Mexican Gothic this month!

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Genres: Fantasy Fiction

Releases on: 19th August 2021

Apparently this is a series, but this is the first full length novel in it and can standalone. Hopefully this is true; because I have quite the high hopes for this one!

Middle Eastern rep; with what looks like fantastic world building; so I cannot wait to dive into it. Oh did I forget to tell you that I have access to the early copy? *winks*

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BOMBSHELL (Hell’s Belles #1) by Sarah Maclean

Genres:Fantasy Fiction/Young Adult/LGBTQ+/Superheroes

Releases on: 24th August 2021

Sarah Maclean is one of my favourite historical romance authors; and when she releases a whole new series; it was always going to be a blind pick read for!

And since the introduction to this new series is all about an unapologetic bold woman and the man who has always noticed his best friend’s sister – it’s going to one heart pounding smexy romantic ride!

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Genres: Young Adult/Paranormal/

Releases on: 24th August 2021

Okay, I am not a Vampire girl; more of a Dragon or at times, Warewolf girl; but there is something about the blurb – a young girl living in an alternative world where Vampires are real and living amongst us; and she needs to find one to save her father from Cancer?

Oh yeah! This one was definitely going to be a wild and hopefully hilariously poignant ride.

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THE HEART PRINCIPLE (The Kiss Quotient #3) by Helen Hoang

Genres: Contemporary Romance/Adult Fiction

Releases on: 31st August 2021

If you still haven’t read The Kiss Quotient and The Bride Test; then you are missing out on something quite special; with diverse representation and highly charged emotional and smexy moments!

And while The Heart Principle can be read as a standalone; its all about opposites attract with a motorcycle riding hero and an introvert heroine. Imma gonna need this like STAT!!

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