ARC Review

A Beguiling Realistic and Yet Romantic Novel For Your Reading Pleasure <3 | ARC Review: We Can’t Keep Meeting Like This by Rachel Lynn Solomon

Trigger Warnings: Anxiety, OCD, Depression

Rachel Lynn Solomon is an author whose works will always; and I mean it, always sneak up on you.

You would pick her book, because hey, the blurb seems to be intriguing and the cover is oh so pretty that you just can’t seem to resist it.

Quinn Berkowitz is currently working with her parent’s in their wedding planning business. One that she does, because it’s expected of her; not that there is anything wrong with the work. It’s just not what she is interested in, even if it’s already a given that she would be joining them.

She doesn’t know where her passions lie; she loves playing the harp though. And she knows that Tarik, her best friend – cum – crush has been ignoring her since she confessed it all in an email, even if she doesn’t believe in romance or the grand gestures that Tarek seems to love.

Tarek, on the other hand, loves the grand gestures, the one where you shout out to the world that he is in love – he believes it to be the only way to show off to the world that they are in love.
Wedding planning and bakers go hand in hand – and when Quinn and Tarek collide for the summer of weddings, Sparks are definitely gonna fly and just maybe, even end up with a HEA.

Both Quinn and Tarek have their own struggles, biggest of them being their own minds – and it’s that struggle that not just becomes the biggest obstacle at times in their romance, but also one that many would relate to – and the wonder of finding something special inspite of their struggles is the foundation to this book.

Rachel’s books have this fresh quality in them – no matter how many books that you read by her, there is the element of freshness; beguiling characters with their realistic outlook that will always steal your heart away!

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ .25

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