A Brilliant and Intriguing Psychological Thriller to add to Your *Immediate* TBR <3 | ARC Review: The Cipher (Nina Guerrera #1) by Isabella Maldonado

A Physical Copy of the Book provided by Westland Publishing in exchange for an honest review ❤

I was in isolation – and while I have been taking the time to read books; I have not been able to find anything that would get me.. engrossed in it; enough to binge read it through.
Until The Cipher.

Reading The Cipher reminded me why I adore Mystery – Thrillers with a with their foundation in actual Police Procedures.

The Cipher not only delivers on the gore, sadistic serial killer who gets off on taunting the investigators; but it is also an introduction to a far more important character – the protagonist, FBI Agent Nina Guerrera.

For this serial killer has one victim in sight – the one who got away; Nina Guerrera and he won’t stop until he has her with him again.

This is the first book in the series – and what a sadistic yet brilliant introduction it was, not just to the protagonist, but to the team who has the back of the woman who has learnt to do everything alone.
Please remember though, that it’s violent, graphic and has some very detailed descriptions of sexual assaults ; thus could be triggering for some.

For mystery lovers, this is quite a gripping read and one that you would definitely enjoy!


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