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It’s Time For An Amazing April <3 | Anticipated Reads of April 2021

Oh dear Lord.. I have no idea whatsoever where the time is flying this year. It could have been because March, honestly was the busiest month of the year for me.. till now. Really hoping that the trend doesn’t continue in the month of April or even the coming months – I cannot and will not be able to handle this gruelling phase *teary eyed*

Which means that audiobooks became my best friend this past month and I have a strong suspicion that my ever growing pile of immediate TBR is actually planning on murdering me; not that it would ever stop me from adding more to that pile, with today’s list of my Most Anticipated Reads of April 2021 *winks*.

As always, this is not the total list of all the books being released in this particular month; these are the books that I am looking forward in this month – and maybe just maybe update, the list with my review links at the end of the month, so that ya’ll can access to the reviews without any issues!

If you would like to, you can also check out January 2021, February 2021  and March 2021 Anticipated Reads as well. 


Genres: Diverse Reads/Own Voices/Societal Issues/Young Adult

Releases on: 1st April 2021

When a book talks about “what it feels like to be an immigrant in today’s America” you have got to pick up the beauty; because  you can never have too many books that talk about exactly what is going on currently in the world society as a whole and how we can do our best to actually counteract the effects of such blinding discrimination and violence.

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Genres: Diverse Reads/Young Adult/Thriller

Releases on: 1st April 2021

Ya’ll know that my list would never ever complete without a thriller that I hope would keep me hooked – and when it is a book that talks about survival and the choices we make for our own. Plus, how can we not take a look at that cover and expect anything but chills?

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GO THE DISTANCE by Jen Calonita

Genres: Fantasy/Greek Mythology/Young Adult

Releases on: 1st April 2021

*What if Meg Had To Become God?*

Okay, for an ardent Percy Jackson fan, the moment I read the above tagline, I couldn’t help but be enamoured with what looks to be a hilarious crossover between the human world and that of the Greek Gods. Though, to be honest I am a little iffy about the whole romance aspect (Meg can only become a God to be with her boyfriend Hercules, if completes some tasks, of course!) but I am really hoping that the story ARC would come around to Meg being a kicka** heroine!

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TWICE SHY by Sarah Hogle

Genres: Romance/Adult Romance

Releases on: 6th April 2021

Romance and yours truly will always, always have a never ending affair with each other – when the blurb of the book states that the hero is a total grump and is going to be in a forced proximity with the heroine!?

You will never see me One Click it, my fingers would move so fast! *winks*

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ANYWHERE FOR YOU by Abbie Greaves

Genres: Romantic Fiction/Mystery

Releases on: 6th April 2021

An unrequited love and the thrill of uncovering a mystery – two of my top favourite genres coming together with a hope for HEA? Yup; sign me up; like immediately! And just saying, I plan on picking this book up when I am in the mood to be emotionally destroyed.

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MALICE by Heather Walter

Genres: Young Adult/Sapphic Dark Retelling of Fairytale

Releases on: 13th April 2021

You know how we all grew up with fairytales where a handsome young prince comes riding in to save the day? Yeah I think we can all agree that its all crapshoot – and no prince (or rather any male) is worth the frustration and the irritation they bring with them.

Worry Not; Malice is here to save the day – A dark retelling of Sleeping Beauty where the young princess needs the evil sorcerer to be her equal and her partner!

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Genres: Folklore/Fantasy/Historical Fantasy Fiction

Releases on: 9th March 2021

You know there are some books; only a few which just end up actually catching your eye; and just don’t let go, no matter how many books you may have read or even found after it?

Well, The Light of the Midnight Stars is *THAT* book for me. With its blurb talking about a combination of a fantasy, history and Jewish folklore along with this beautiful cover – I haven’t been able to get this book out of my mind!

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Genres: Science Fiction/Young Adult Debut/

Releases on: 13th April 2021

I *may* have gotten access to an early copy of the book via Netgalley – and I may have requested the access because when the blurb has the words *Intergalactic War* within  it; well how can any voracious reader like yours truly, resist?

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Genres: Diverse Reads/Own Voices/Historical Mystery-Fiction/PoC Author

Releases on: 13th April 2021

I saw the this book is the next offering by June Hur; the author of The Silence of Bones (Read My Review), and I immediately put this beauty on my TBR without even checking the blurb. I adored her first book; and I have high expectations from this second offering from her.

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DUSTBORN by Erin Bowman

Genres: Post Apocalyptic/Western Novel

Releases on: 20th April 2021

A post apocalyptic western novel that promises to be everything adventurous and action filled like those American Cowboy movies that we all grew up with – the cover and the blurb promises an exciting adventure that I can’t wait to go on!

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Genres: Historical Fiction/LGBTAIQ+ Rep/Coming of Age

Releases on: 20th April 2021

I fell in love with A Gentleman’s Guide To vice and Virtue – and to be honest; the moment I read that this book is for those who loved *AGGTVAV* – there was never any doubt if this one would make my list or not *grins*

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SLINGSHOT by Mercedes Helnwein

Genres: Young Adult/Young Adult Romance

Releases on: 27th April 2021

You know the drama that some YA romances give us that so painfully shows how absolutely immature we all were (are) during our teenage years – well Slingshot talks only about the drama of screwing everything up with your first love – and absolutely owning it!

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Genres: Young Adult/Friendship/Chronic Illness

Releases on: 27th April 2021

When you have such an intriguing title; how can you just freaking resist picking the book up? Plus, chronic illness treated with a satirical position; just might be the kind of book one *might* pick up when one is tired of heavy emotional reads. Just saying.

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