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A Marriage and The Ever After of Romance! First 5 Star Read of 2021 <3 | ARC Review: Ever After Always (Bergman Brothers #3) by Chloe Liese


Buckle up for an emotional journey of hijinks, heartache, and a hot slow-burn in this marriage-in-crisis romance about going the distance to make love last.


I’ve spent twelve years loving Freya Bergman and twelve lifetimes won’t be enough to give her everything she deserves. She’s my passionate, tender-hearted wife, my best friend, and all I want is to make her happy. But the one thing that will make her happiest is the one thing I’m not sure I can give her: a baby.

With the pressure of providing and planning for a family, my anxiety’s at an all-time high, and I find myself pulling away, terrified to tell my wife how I’m struggling. But when Freya kicks me out, I realize that pulling back has turned into pushing too far. Now it’s the fight of a lifetime to save our marriage.


I love my cautious, hard-working husband. He’s my partner and best friend, the person I know I can count on most. Until one day I realize the man I married is nowhere to be found. Now Aiden is quiet and withdrawn, and as the months wear on, the pain of our growing distance becomes too much. 

As if weathering marriage counseling wasn’t enough, we’re thrown together for an island getaway to celebrate my parents’ many years of perfect marriage while ours is on the brink of collapse. Despite my meddling siblings and a week in each other’s constant company, this trip somehow gets us working through the trouble in paradise. I just can’t help worrying, when we leave paradise and return to the real world, will trouble find us again?

Ever After Always is a marriage-in-crisis, opposites-attract romance about a sensitive, fierce-loving woman and her resilient husband who has anxiety disorder. Complete with island vacation antics, a sibling prank gone wrong, and a steamy slow burn, this standalone is the third in a series of novels about a Swedish-American family of five brothers, two sisters, and their wild adventures as they each find happily ever after.


Trigger Warnings: Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Generalised Anxiety Disorder

With every book I read from Chloe Liese; I find myself falling a little more in love with her, not just her talent and her writing but her as a human being.

Why you ask? Her first Bergman Novel, that I found accidentally on Netgalley opened my eyes to reading romances that are diverse, could be considered non – conventional but are yet the most realistic representations of love I have had the fortune of reading.

In Ever After Always, Chloe Liese picks up where most romances drop off – the happily ever after – and while most of us would want to believe that everything will always be hunky dory after driving off in the sunset, that is not how real life works.

Weddings are oh so fun and adventurous; but marriage? Marriage is hard work – with a lot of compromises, frustrations and growing up together that somehow is always; and I do mean, always overshadowed by the fun and galore of weddings.

Marriage and weddings are two entirely two different aspects and I truly wish that more people talked about it, especially in romances.

With Ever After Always; Chloe Liese delves into the happily ever after of Freya, the eldest Bergman and her husband of ten years, Aiden. With time, and a decision to move forward in their relationship, thinking about a baby; a gift takes place and somehow over the course of just six months, we see a complete breakdown of communications in their relationship.

With the pressure of outward appearances; and an ever loving, bonkers interfering family, Freya and Aiden try and find their way back to each other; because that’s what they want. Their love hasn’t disappeared; the passion for each other still simmers underneath yet somehow they both let the important aspect of just communicating with each other slide by them.

As a married woman myself, the issues discussed in this book feel as if that the author took a look into my heart, mind and soul – and it is bonkers that these issues aren’t talked about more, especially when they must be all too common.

I have always said, Chloe Liese writes realistic and relatable romances and Ever After Always is another way she just proves me right. Again.


⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 


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