Brilliantly Thought Out & Putting Across an Important Message to Middle Graders <3 | ARC Review: Nothing Ever Happens Here by Sarah Hagger-Holt

“This is Littlehaven. Nothing ever happens here. Until the spotlight hits my family.”

Izzy’s family is under the spotlight when her dad comes out as Danielle, a trans woman. Izzy is terrified her family will be torn apart. Will she lose her dad? Will her parents break up? And what will people at school say? Izzy’s always been shy, but now all eyes are on her. Can she face her fears, find her voice and stand up for what’s right?


A beautiful middle grade fiction that is written simply that puts across a very important message to its readers without ever becoming over the top preaching or even boring!

Izzy, our tween protagonist lives a very ordinary life in an ordinary town, where nothing exciting ever happens. All she hopes is that this new school year is going to be a brilliant year with her best friend, Grace by her side; trying out to be in the school’s production.

The ordinary world of Izzy is rocked to its core when her father announces that there is something wrong with him; that he feels wrong in his own body; and that while he has been struggling with his own identity for years; he has finally taken the step to rectify it – by transitioning into Danielle.

While it is a difficult decision for Danielle, it is freeing for her – but seen through the eyes of her daughter, Izzy, who KNOWS that this will rock her life; her unassuming life in school, in this town, a town which is likes it’s ordinary life; and ridicules anything that is considered to be “different” from what is normal.

It is very easy to relate to Izzy, and not begrudge her, her own emotions that run rampant – her reluctance to understand why her father is feels more comfortable more as a woman; how it has affected her friendship with her best friend and the ridicule she has to face in her school – but in the end, it takes a little perspective and a some understanding to believe that humans are humans; and love stays love no matter what form it comes in!

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ .25

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