An Emotional & Heartwarming Debut All About Second Chance Romance <3 | Release Day Review: Been There Done That (Leffersbee #1) by Hope Ellis


Been There Done That, an all-new second-chance romantic standalone by debut author Hope Ellis, is LIVE – check out my review on the blog today! ❤


Theirs was a forever kind of love, until it was stolen.

ZORA LEFFERSBEE’S once perfect life is no longer perfect. Her tenure at the University is in question, funding for her employees uncertain, and her faux-fiancé, Jackson James’s unpredictability is wearing on her last nerve. Just when Zora is convinced things can’t get more complicated, life proves her wrong.

What the heck is he doing here?

NICK ROSSI’s complicated life is still extremely complicated. He’s used to fighting for everything he has, but he’s also used to winning. Now a man of power and influence, his return to Green Valley after so many years hasn’t gone according to plan, especially with the woman he’s always wanted.

She can’t know why I left, or why I’m back.

A powerful woman intent on righting the wrongs of the world, Zora doesn’t have time or energy to deal with the man who broke her young heart.

A powerful man intent on righting the wrongs of the past, Nick can’t help wanting to protect Zora, even if his devotion is unrequited.

‘Been There Done That’ is a full-length contemporary romance, can be read as a standalone, and is book #1 in the Leffersbee series, Green Valley World, Penny Reid Book Universe.

Been There Done That does NOT read like a debut novel of the author – what it reads like, is a heartfelt, emotional and richly written as well as a swoon – worthy romance with a character driven plotline that leaves you wanting to know more about this quirky family and their HEAs!

Dr. Zora Leffersbee is a devoted professional and an independent woman – a woman on a mission to better the system of healthcare – a strong, resourceful woman who has closed herself off from romantic entanglements even if she is “engaged” to the town’s playboy & Deputy Sheriff, Jackson James – yes THAT Jackson James (Gawd! I *NEED* this man’s HEA, especially after a little more personal look at him in this book!).

A high school sweetheart who left her high and dry is the last person she expects to see standing in the doorway of her office, but there he is, looking far better than he had any right to be; Nick Armstrong.


On the other hand, since we actually open to Nick’s perspective; it is a lot more easier to empathize with Nick and his emotions; (even if there were time when just *NEEDED* Zora and Nick to just kiss already!) – a subtler version of the alpha heroes we get, he took the cake when it came to charm, and his oh so obvious adoration and support to Zora!

The emotional connection as well as the physical attraction between Zora and Nick just leaps off the page – you just can’t stop reading till the next scene between Zora and Nick; and before you know it, you reach the end of the book; and your heart is full of *ALL THE FEELS*!!

And since this is the FIRST book in a whole new series in the Pennyverse – and that sneak peak in the epilogue has me all excited for the next of Leffersbee Siblings HEA! *evil grin*

Hope Ellis is a health outcomes researcher by day and writes romances featuring sexy nerds by night. She hopes to one day conquer her habit of compulsively binge-watching The Office.


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