ARC Review

A Middle Grade Fiction With A Well Developed Mystery To Hook You Right Till The End <3 | ARC Review: The House of One Hundred Clocks by A.M. Howell

JUNE, 1905.

Helena and her parrot, Orbit, are swept off to Cambridge when her father is appointed clock-winder to one of the wealthiest men in England. There is only one rule: the clocks must never stop.

But Helena discovers the house of one hundred clocks holds many mysteries; a ghostly figure, strange notes and disappearing winding keys… Can she work out its secrets before time runs out?

“Fans of Emma Carroll will adore this historical tale of derring-do and righted wrongs.” – The Times on The Garden of Lost Secrets


Disclaimer: I received an  physical copy of the book from Us Borne YA in exchange for an honest review! However, the thoughts, opinions expressed in the review are entirely my own.

I have been privileged enough to have access to some wonderfully written middle grade fiction – The House of One Hundred Clocks was EXACTLY that; a wonderfully mysterious fiction where time meets superstition and friendship + loyalty is tested beyond what is seen!

Helena’s father accepts a mysterious job at a house where there are clocks EVERYWHERE – no staff beyond a cook/tutor and a daughter who calls herself Boy and an ethereal gloom shrouding the whole mansion!

But the most important question that plagues Helena and is conditional to her Clock winder Father – WHY CAN’T THE CLOCKS STOP TICKING?

This question or rather the Ultimatum plagues Helena (and the reader) right from the first chapter itself is one that makes sure the reader CANNOT stop reading – for the need to find out the answers becomes overwhelming (and I swear; I read this beauty in one single setting!).

The book is absolutely well written – brilliantly designed around the changes in the Edwardian era in terms of science and yes, feminism had me enthralled. Not to mention the fact, the way the overtones of grief and the way the loss of a loved one affect different people in oh so many different ways. The gentle way it is handled by the author makes it one of those beautiful reads that stays with you long after you are done with book!
⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ .25



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