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An MC Romance With A Perfect Balance of Emotions & Suspense!! |Release Day Review + Giveaway: Liam (Chaos Chasers #4) by C.M. Marin

HAPPY BOOK BIRTHDAY to LIAM by C.M. Marin – An MC Romance With A Perfect Balance of Emotions & Suspense – check out my review along with an amazing giveaway on the blog today!

Endless red hair, skin of a porcelain doll, legs that run for miles… Erin is the epitome of sexy. The best thing about her? She has no clue how beautiful she is. And she’s so much more than beauty, too. I had never felt like something was missing in my life until I spent an entire afternoon with this kind, sweet girl whose cheeks redden with shyness every time I smile at her.
She’s all I can think about now. She triggered a need that’s been digging deeper roots in my chest with each day that has passed since she left town. And after a few weekends of enjoying her smiles, listening to her voice, and worshipping her body, I’m more than ready to beg her to choose Twican as her new home. Especially after her life has been threatened. I want her close to me, and it’s time to let her know that.
But life doesn’t always make it easy for you, does it? 
Everything in my life is going as planned. I’m now officially a nurse, and even though my current job is temporary, I know I’ll eventually find the position I’ve always wanted. Everything is going to work out like it’s supposed to; I can feel it.
And then, there’s Liam. Strong, fierce, tattooed and muscled, he’s the kind of man I never thought would even spare me a brief glance, yet we’ve been seeing each other for a few months. We’re complete opposites, yet he makes me happier than anyone else ever has. We haven’t put a label on our relationship, but I don’t need labels to know how much Liam means to me. In the span of just a few months, he worked his way into my heart, grabbing small pieces of it until he owned it.
All in all, life has been pretty much near perfect. Unfortunately, life only needs one moment to snatch back what it gave you.

Disclaimer: This is the 4th book in the Chaos Chasers MC Series but can be read as standalone; even if it will take the reader a little time to get all the details in order.

This was my first book by C.M. Marrin – and after reading Liam; I already have the rest of the Chaos Chasers MC books on my kindle – and I can’t wait to dive into the rest of the series!

Now, with most MC Romances, the apprehension is usually that there would be unnecessary drama, be it romantic or even when it relates to the violent aspect of the MC life! With Liam, however, there was just the right amount of drama; both romantic and the mystery as well! 

Liam, a man whose brothers are starting to slowly but surely falling like dominoes to their matches; starts an inferno inside him; especially when he starts spending time with Erin, a sweet nurse and his sister’s friend. The sweetness that attracts him to Erin; becomes his whole world; especially when he realises that Erin accepts him just the way he is!!

Erin, on the other hand, has realized her dream of becoming a nurse and having an independent life; away from parents who would like to see nothing more than her married and dependent on a man, a Catholic man at that. Meeting and falling for a biker like Liam; was never a part of the plan; but it was a pleasurable edition nonetheless.

Liam is the perfect read for those romance enthusiasts who want to try out the romance in the MC Club genre – but are a little apprehensive of the violence that seems to be associated with the genre – Liam, however, has the perfect balance between mystery without any undue violence and romance!

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐




C.M. Marin fell in love with books a long time ago. She’s a small-town girl who loves all things romance. When she’s not writing away new fictional characters, you can find her with a book in one hand and a cup of tea in the other.


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