A very Happy New Year to you and yours from me and mine!

Its been a privilege to know ya’ll through the last few years; and I am so freaking excited to see our relationship, not just with books but with each grow in the coming decade!

I wish you all the happiness, joy and success in the world – treasure each moment in this race of life; find moments to make them into memories and spread joy & kindness as and when possible – it takes little effort; but does wonders for our personal mental health and growth! ❤

I do not have a lot of resolutions for this year, personally or professionally or blogging wise – my main aim is to enjoy each moment as the life throws at me to the fullest without a whole lot of expectations 😀
But since I epic-ally failed at my last year’s resolutions, I plan on taking them forward in 2020 as well –
  1. #2019FWSeriesPick You can read all about this expedition (failed, as it was) right here. In short, though; it’s all about reading series (completed or incomplete) from your own shelf!
  2. I plan on reading Unread Books from my own shelf, a minimum of two each month – if there is already a challenge for this; please do let me know; before I make up my own 😛
  3. I am also going to try and do the PopSugar Reading Challenge of 2020; hopefully the advanced one as well 😀
  4. Lastly, but not the least; 2019 was a hectic year for me (with a huge job overhaul + a new course to study); so I have decided to take a short cut and add my Top Favourites of 2019 on the Highlights of my Instagram Page – @fortheloveoffictionalworlds – i would love it if you could it out ❤

Yup. I think that’s about it! Come say Hi and share your hopes and dreams for the next decade in making 😀

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