When It Was The Month of YA’s!! | November Favourite Reads <3

You know as the year end approaches; my reading speed somehow tends to slow down; which is exactly what happened with the month of November and the fact that I am currently in the midst of exams – something I haven’t given in 6 freaking long years – isn’t really helping my cause of reading either *face palm*
 I was only able to read a few books; but almost all of them were from the Young Adult genre; though I swear, it wasn’t really a conscious decision! But the books I loved this month were ones I so enjoyed; so if you are a fan of the Young Adult genre; then these books are ones, you definitely do NOT want to miss!

  • CAPTURING THE DEVIL (Stalking Jack The Ripper #4) by Kerri Maniscalco

The conclusion to one of my favourite series; this was the PURRFECT ending I could have ever imagined for the two characters who have stolen my heart and soul! A bittersweet goodbye it was, but here’s to hoping that the author would revisit these characters in the future! *fingers crossed*

Disclaimer: This cannot be read as a standalone. If you have been waiting to pick up Stalking Jack The Ripper series, now is the perfect time – it’s all done and dusted; sp no waiting period needed between the books 😀

  • SCARS LIKE WINGS by Erin Stewart

A different take on coming of age – it’s all about the fight to find a new identity of yourself in the formative teen years; when a tragic accident took away the one thing that the protagonist could depend upon – her face and her body.

Emotional, heart-wrenching at it’s core – this is a book that you would find yourself getting lost in and in the end, cheering for the way the protagonist claws her way to a normalcy that she defines for herself.


  • THE GENTLEMAN’S GUIDE TO VICE AND VIRTUE (Montague Siblings #1) by Mackenzie Lee

A hilarious and adventurous coming of age novel of a vice ridden English gentleman, with his poorly disguised unrequited love for his best friend (who also happens to be African American) – sent on the Grand Tour of Europe with his younger sister – turns out to be so much more!

Touching on topics of racism, gender inequality, homophobia as well as pirates, thievery, treasure hunt – it was so much more than you would expect at the first glance!

Definitely a book (and series) you should pick up if you interested in this historical genre but from the eyes of a boy turning into a man, stuck between who he knows he is and who the society (and his family) expects him to be!

  • THE GENTLEMAN’S GUIDE TO GETTING LUCKY (Montague Siblings #1.5) by Mackenzie Lee

Disclaimer: Please read The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue before picking up this novella, for it cannot be read as a standalone.

This is a continuation to Percy and Monty’s relationship – and it’s all about the first steps in a relationship, the moving forward in a relationship and taking the big step – it’s all about the insecurities that one does face when trying to make everything perfect; to the realisation that nothing has to be perfect as long as the feelings are real! *cue the awws*


  • A CONSTELLATION OF ROSES by Miranda Asebedo

Four females with their unique personalities butting heads and hearts in this standalone novel was way more than just that – A Constellation of Roses is an emotional journey of understanding, not just yourself but the way you fit in this weird quirky world! It is definitely not a light read, but it is one where you connect with the characters in a heartbeat.

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