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A Hilarious Marriage of Convenience That Lays The Foundation of a Soul Searing Romance <3 |Release Day Review: Neutral Grounds by Jiffy Kate

We are so excited to be bringing you the release of NEUTRAL GROUNDS by author duo Jiffy Kate – be sure to check out my review and get your copy today!









They say opposites attract and that couldn’t be truer when it comes to CeCe and Shep. But what happens when the two most anti-marriage people in the French Quarter start enjoying the act? 


I never planned on getting married. After my dad deserted my family the day before my tenth birthday, and I watched my mother fall to pieces over him, I decided it wasn’t worth the heartache. Then Shepard Rhys-Jones, who ghosted me two years ago, declares he needs to marry someone to claim his inheritance, and I drunkenly offer myself up as his wife. 

He was the best I’ve ever had and now, he’s all mine… but only for the next year. 


I never planned on getting married. It was one business transaction I had no desire to close. Yet, here I am… sitting in a bar in New Orleans… seriously considering making CeCe Calhoun my wife. 

If we can manage to stay married for a year, I’ll be one hundred million dollars richer and finally have the freedom to forge my own path, separate from the Rhys-Jones name. 

She’s the only woman I’ve struggled to forget, and she’s finally mine. 

For now.

Is it possible for this fake marriage to be real?

Neutral Grounds by Jiffy Kate dropped on my kindle at exactly the right time; just when I needed a little light – hearted book to counteract the heavy fantasy and thriller reads!

Shep and Cece’s connection is instantaneous; and they spend an amazing weekend together. But it is exactly that connection and the emotions it evokes in him, that makes Shep make a run for it; as a consequence, Shep ends up ghosting Cece.

Cece, on the other hand an independent woman, doesn’t always open up to anyone; but something about Shep makes her open up to him. So, it’s a double blow when Shep ghosts her, despite having friends in common. Her pride helps Shep in his plans of avoiding her beautifully.

Then, both Shep and Cece are dealt with blows that spell catastrophe in their lives simultaneously – Shep has to marry to access the trust fund left to him by his grandfather; a trust fund that means freedom to him while Cece receives a letter contesting the ownership of her coffee shop, Neutral Grounds (I see what you did there, Ms. Kate!).

A marriage of convenience is born between two people whose connection with each other scares them to the bones. This “mutually beneficial” arrangement between Shep and Cece isn’t expected to last beyond the time required, but both of them seem to have underestimated how deep their connection actually runs!

Shep and Cece’s chemistry was hot enough to make me actually believe that my e – Reader was on fire during those scenes *winks* but more than that I adored the way Cece and Shep were with each other – their hesitations, their interactions yet most of all, their slow realisation of how much they meant  to each other!

An adorable romance with its quirky moments made it a fun and entertaining read!

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ .25


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Jiffy Kate is the joint pen name for Jiff Simpson and Jenny Kate Altman. They’re co-writing besties who share a brain. They also share a love of cute boys, stiff drinks, and fun times. 

Together, they’ve written over twenty stories. Their first published book, Finding Focus, was released in November 2015. Since then, they’ve continued to write what they know–southern settings full of swoony heroes and strong heroines. 

You can find them on most social media outlets at @jiffykate, @jiffykatewrites, or @jiffsimpson and @jennykate77.

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