A Romance That Proves That Love Can Hit Our Lives At The Most Unexpected Moments | Release Day Review: Until Joe (A Happily Ever Alpha World Novel) by CP Smith

HAPPY BOOK BIRTHDAY to UNTIL JOE by CP Smith – A Romance set in the World created by the lovely Aurora Rose Reynolds ❤

Check out My Review for this Emotional Romance on the blog today & don’t forget to pick up a copy for yourself; you do NOT want to miss this beauty!

Sometimes the greatest love comes in the middle of your life.
Joe Rouger (Uncle Joe from the Until Series by Aurora Rose Reynolds) is ready for a woman who completes him. He finds what he’s looking for in a feisty Southern belle named Bernice Armstrong (Wallflower Series by CP Smith) The question is, can he leave his world behind for a chance at happiness?
And if he does, can he keep Bernice away from outside sources that threaten to steal what he’s waited for his whole life: a soul mate he can live and die for!
Part of the Happily Ever Alpha World brought to you by Boom Factory
Publishing LLC, Aurora Rose Reynolds, and Author CP Smith.

Have you read C.P. Smith’s Wallflower series?

If not, then you are definitely missing out on a hilarious romantic comedy books on three women who consider themselves invisible to the world and the men who love showing them they aren’t invisible to them!

Until Joe is a novella on one of the Wallflowers’ Calla Lily’s Aunt – Bernice Armstrong; a woman who with her sister, Eunice raised Calla Lily after their beloved brother and his wife tragically passed away. They have been spinsters their entire life, their focus being Calla Lily’s protection and up-bringing.

Now that Calla Lily and her friends, Sienna and Poppy have found their HEAs and her sister, Eunice having settled into a committed relationship with her man, Bernice is feeling a little restless. There was an instant connection between a man who was renting a vacation house opposite hers year back; and he hasn’t been away from her thoughts since. But she has no hopes of ever meeting him again, so that instant attraction, that instant connection has no place to survive or so she thinks.

Joe Rouger is a man’s man – he finally has a successful business, his sons are now settled in their lives (I am really hoping they get their own books!) and is happily divorced from a woman who made his life hell. He is now in a place where he wants a woman of his own, the one woman who will be his, only his and will be his partner for the rest of life. He believes that though he found that woman (a laugh and an intense eye contact), his assumption that she already has a man, kept him away from her for a whole year.

Now, cause of Bernice’s niece and her friend’s scheming has obliterated his assumptions; nothing will keep him away from his woman, not even her evil father, Preston Armstrong and boy does he try his best.

Joe and Bernice deserve their happily ever after, especially after the struggle they have had their lives and they stand strong by their connection, even if it was an instant connection – and no matter who does what, they will win, for they deserve their happiness and their life with each other.

Old characters make their appearance and some new ones make our acquaintance – and here’s to hoping that these new, intriguing characters get their own HEA soon!

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐


(Free in Kindle Unlimited)

CP Smith lives in Oklahoma with her husband and five children. She loves football, reading, and card games. Writing for her is about escape. She writes what she loves to read, and leaves the rest to those with better imaginations.

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