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BOOKS THAT MADE FOR AN INTRIGUING JULY – Favourites of the July 2019

This is the first time I have sat down to write a blog post about monthly favourites – so please forgive me if I seem a little awkward in the post 😃

July was honestly a good reading month for yours truly – I read about 17 books approximately from a diverse set of genres; but this list will tell you how singular my tastes have been across majority of the books that I have enjoyed reading in the month of July.

Now; please note: these books are not written in any order of favouritism – I have enjoyed all of them equally and for a variety of reasons.


Genre: Crime Fiction, Thriller, Murder Mystery

If you absolutely adore detailed investigative crime fiction; with some twisted murder mysteries and a series on same protagonist whose life you can invest in parallel with the mystery – then this series should definitely be on your TBR list!

I received gifted copies of the first three books – Dead Enough, Looking Good Dead & Not Dead Enough – from Pan Mac Millan India and you can click on the photo to read my review on all the three books!


Genre: Fantasy Fiction

If you loved brilliantly built plotline, weird and quirky as well as fantastical worlds as well as characters you can not only relate to, but also root for; then this trilogy is for you!

I read this trilogy as part of #2019FWSeriesPick – my way of tackling of unread series on my TBR shelf 😃

My Review shall be posted soon!


Genre: Contemporary YA Romance

This contemporary YA Romance, with Indian Desi vibes is the perfect pick for those times, when you want a little change from the heavy hitting books that seem to take up a whole lot of our times.

Its cute, warm and cosy vibes with a whimsical plotline and characters that you root for – it will leave you smile on your lips and a fictional hug that will last you long after you close the book.

I received a gifted copy of the book from Hachette India and my review will be posted soon! ❤


Love reading about the intricacies of the courtroom? Love getting lost in a thriller that also has aspects of judiciary in it? Love finding flawed characters; characters whose humanness you can relate to? All this, along with a murder mystery that hits right at the vulnerable spots in our society’s shield?

Then Beyond A Reasonable Doubt should be your pick immediately.

I received a gifted uncorrected proof copy of the book from Bloomsbury India and my review will be posted soon! ❤

  • THE NEW GIRL by Daniel Silva

Genre: Spy Thriller

This is spy thriller at its best – Daniel Silva has given his best in this newest offering – based partly on true events, Mr. Silva has done a fan – freaking – tastic job of seamlessly weaving truth and fiction in a binge worthy thriller.

A Thriller Fan? Then you shouldn’t even think before picking up this beauty!

I received a gifted copy of the book from Harper Collins India and will post the review soon! ❤

  • QUIET MAN by Kristen Ashley

Genre: Contemporary Romance

A novella by a favourite author – it has a strong woman who makes no apologies for her career, what she is not only good at but also excels in and the woman she is & a man who is content with who he is; but doesn’t realise he needs a woman who accepts him just the way he is.

eARC copy provided for blog tour hosted by Inkslinger PR & review will be posted soon!

  • EMPIRE OF SAND by Tasha Suri

Genre: Fantasy YA Fiction

If you are an ardent fan of Young Adult Fantasy genre – then Empire of Sand shpuld be on your lookout list – simplistically written; there is not a whole lot of fancy word building; but it has a strong foundation for some very brilliant characters that you just can’t seem to let go; even after you are done with the book.

Lucky for us; Realm of Ash, the sequel releases in November – and one that I am looking forward to eagerly!

I received a gifted copy of the book from Hachette India and review will be posted soon!

Out of all the wonderful books that I read in the month of July – these are the books that have actually left their mark on me – meaning that I have actually thought about these books long after I closed the books.

Have you read any of these books? I would love to know if my opinions match yours on the books; if you have actually read them!

Here’s to a better reading month in August!

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