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Whimsical Magical with Some Brilliantly Quirky Characters and an Action Packed Plot! | ARC Review: The Good Thieves by Katherine Rundell

When the letters first arrived from her beloved grandfather—the shaking, green-inked letters, full of bewildered anger at the loss of his ancestral home and the priceless jewels within it—Vita and her mother took the next boat to New York. And now that she’s here, Vita has only one goal: To break into Hudson Hall and steal back what the sinister Basil Sowotore took from her family.

But to do so, she needs a plan, a weapon, and faith in the pickpockets, trapeze-artists, and animal-tamers she has met along the way. With her troupe behind her, Vita attempts the most daring heist the city has ever seen. But will she succeed?

The Good Thieves is a wonderful and adventurous middle grade fiction set as part of the historical genre – so basically it had all the makings of what could end up being one of the most enjoyable books in recent times. (Spoiler Alert: It did!)

Told in the POV of Vita – the tone of the book is set right from the start – for the indominable spirit of Vita absolutely dominates the plotline – it is her grandfather who looses everything to a crooked businessman. It is she who comes up with a plan to hoodwink the villain and it is her, who brings together a team of quirky and peculiar group of children to makes sure her plan bear fruit.

And that’s all you will hear about the plot itself.

What you should remember when YOU ARE picking up this book is that, not only does the author writes in a way that it becomes easy to get lost in the book, but also does so in a way that all the sub – genres working in the background blend together seamlessly and the fact that all the characters in this story have their individuality preserved throughout the book; shows how talented Ms. Rundell is in weaving her magic – and yes this plot contains magic as well as some of the most brilliantly quirky characters I have had the pleasure of meeting.

The Good Thieves is for you, if you love an action packed David vs Goliath fight as well love rooting for the characters who revel in their individuality rather than conforming to the norms.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ .25



2 thoughts on “Whimsical Magical with Some Brilliantly Quirky Characters and an Action Packed Plot! | ARC Review: The Good Thieves by Katherine Rundell”

  1. I got a copy of this last week, and I’m almost done, sneaking in reading whenever my daughter sleeps. It is SO GOOD. It’s completely giving me Leverage vibes, and that’s my favourite show so I’m so thoroughly enjoying it.

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    1. Ooh I had no idea about the show “Leverage” but now that you have pointed it out, I promise you, I am gonna go and binge watch it!
      Also, trust me when I tell you, this is a book that you will definitely and certainly enjoy & I can’t wait to read your thoughts on it! ❤

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