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An Addictive Nail Biting Thought Provoking Thriller | ARC Review: To Kill The Truth (Maggie Castello #4) by Sam Bourne

Someone is trying to destroy the evidence of history’s greatest crimes.

Academics and Holocaust survivors dead in mysterious circumstances. Museums and libraries burning. Digital records and irreplaceable proofs, lost for ever.

Former White House operative Maggie Costello has sworn off politics. But when the Governor of Virginia seeks her help to stop the lethal spiral of killings, she knows that this is bigger than any political game.

As Black Lives Matter protestors clash with slavery deniers, America is on a knife-edge and time is running out. This deadly conspiracy could ignite a new Civil War – but who stands to gain most from the chaos?

Taut, authoritative and explosive, To Kill the Truth takes us to the edge of anarchy, a world without truth in which history will be rewritten by those who live to shape it.

Disclaimer: I was provided with a Physical copy of the book by Hachette India in exchange for an honest review. However, all the thoughts, feelings and opinions expressed in this review are my own.

To Kill The truth is an addictive thriller with a thought provoking plot – one that would force the reader to think about far – reaching consequences of our reality; long after you are done with the book.

Either you get a reckoning for the past, or you can have hope for the future.”

To Kill the Truth opens up to one of America’s most contentious trials in recent times – where in a petitioner, William Keane, has bought forth a defamation case against an author by claiming the era of “slavery” never even existed in the first place. At the same time, History Professors, Survivors of genocides, specifically Holocaust , are being murdered and the greatest libraries all around the world are being destroyed one by one and no one understands is able to connect these events to understand why they are destroying the history of the human race, systematically.

Maggie Castello is a former White House operative; though now she has finally sworn off politics (Disclaimer: This is the fourth Maggie Castello book; but can be read as standalone. I read it is one!). But when the Governor of Virginia asks for her expertise in solving this mystery; a mystery that could potentially turn into another civil war – it doesn’t take her long to realize that something far more sinister is under play.

“Its like killing those people all over again. It’s enslaving them all over again. You put a person in chains, you’re saying: you’re an animal. Your life is worth nothing. Your life means nothing. And the, years later, you say it didn’t happen? You pretend it didn’t happen? You’re saying the same thing to them all over again: your life has so little value, we’ll destroy all the proof you ever existed. We’ll forget you were ever here.”

It didn’t take me more than a few pages to understand that this book would be a binge – read worthy book for me – the plot, told in multiple POVs – but it’s a nail biting thriller with plot twists that have the ability to shock and awe you. But more than that, the author has done a brilliant job of actually putting forward both side of the debate in clear and concise terms – that as a reader, it also had me in a dilemma – I understood bothsides of the debate; and even then had me confused about which side of the fence I would fall in.

The climax of the book shows the intelligence and talent of the author as well – not only does he seamlessly weaves in all the lose threads together; he also leaves us with the enough to think over. To Kill The Truth is the perfect read for the mystery aficionados – who just need the nail biting plot to get invested in a book!

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ .25


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