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Blog Tour – Review: Daring The Detective (Restitution League #3) by Riley Cole

Today we are celebrating the release of DARING THE DETECTIVE by Riley Cole. This is a historical romance series from Jack’s House Publishing and Daring the Detective is the third book in The Restitution League series. Check out my review  along with purchase links for the book below, and previous books in the series, below.

—Meet the Restitution League—

They’re thieves. They’re rogues. They’re well-armed for adventure.

The crew of the Restitution League fights injustice while wrestling with love and desire and the occasional throwing knife.

One blazing romance at a time…

He’s everything she disdains. She’s nothing he admires.

But love has its own delightful logic.

Whether bartering with Barbary pirates or angry Gypsy kings, Zadie Whitlock lives by her wits… and the business end of her parasol.

Detective Caleb Burke lives to right wrongs. He can’t abide Zadie’s daring, impulsive ways, especially after she leaves him bound to a library shelf with his own handcuffs.

Still, he can’t ignore the passion the damned woman ignites.

Nor can Zadie dismiss his smoldering allure. Which is troublesome in the extreme, because Caleb Burke isn’t the man for her. He’s too honorable, too loyal, and far too likely to follow the rules.

Dazzled by her indomitable spirit, Caleb makes a fateful choice that sets the two of them on a hunt for lost Viking treasure. Failure will see his career in ashes, and Zadie on trial for her life.

Pursued by deadly forces, they’ve got the power of the Restitution League on their side… and their own stubborn hearts in the way.

This is the third book in the Restitution League Series but my first in the series – and all I can wonder is why I didn’t come across this hilarious historical mystery and romance!! 

Zadie Whitlock is an antiquates dealer as well as a “recovery specialist” – yet she is in a conundrum of her own – her aunt is missing, so she has no choice but to turn to the Restitution League for help. What she didn’t understand was how a straight and narrow cop (with a badge) could be a part of a “league”  full of rule breakers.

Caleb Burke is a straight laced, rule abiding detective who sees the world in black and white; doesn’t believe for a second that Ms. Whitlock is being truthful about the main reason behind her aunt’s abduction.

There is an instant attraction between Caleb and Zadie; which honestly baffles both of them, considering that they are quite the opposites of each other – but somehow even through their stubbornness, even they have to accept that they balance each other out.

“A woman clever enough to hunt treasures is clever enough to hide her tracks”

The book is set in Victorian England; but still gives a little leeway to the freedom the females have in terms of their career and sexual freedom – but I definitely relished diving into this fast paced adventurous mystery that had me hooked right from the start!

There are not only some hilarious moments between Caleb and Zadie but also some POVs from couples from previous books – which pretty much cemented my need to read through the previous books as well.

If you love historical romance and/or cozy mysteries or a combination of both; then this is a book (and series) that you definitely need on your TBR! 

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ .25

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Riley has a long fascination with all things Victorian. She loves the peculiar mix of science, mysticism and innovation that collided in the Victorian Era.

To say nothing of bustles. Bustles and elaborate hats and parasols. Parasols for rain. Parasols for sun. And parasols that morph into swords…of course. 

Sadly, Riley has little use for umbrellas in the dry foothills of the Eastern Sierra, but she consoles herself with forest hikes and dips in cool mountain lakes. Besides—no matter where one resides—a proper cuppa never comes amiss.

If you enjoy a little high adventure—and a lot of desire—with your historical romance, delve into Riley’s version of late Victorian London.

Thieves, rogues, and love await…

For more information about Riley, please visit her website, “like” Riley on Facebook and follow her on Twitter. Sign up for Riley’s newsletter to be notified about upcoming releases. She’s loves hearing from her readers. Email her directly at

Riley’s Jack’s House releases include Rejecting the Rogue and Seducing the Scientist from the Restitution League Series.


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