Blog Tour – Review & Giveaway: Demon Q (New Vampire Disorder #8) by Marie Johnston

Today we have the blog tour for Marie Johnston’s DEMON Q.  Check out my review for this hilarious yet steamy paranormal romance on the blog today along with an awesome giveaway and grab your copy today!

Which one is the beauty and which is the beast?

Xan is used to going it alone. After all, there’s no one else to trust when you’re a demon in the underworld. But when the only two people she’s ever cared about are snatched and held to ensure her good behavior, she’ll do anything to get them back. So when she’s ordered to spy on a hideous, arrogant energy demon, she doesn’t blink…until Quution starts to look less like the enemy and more like salvation.

Quution never cared how ugly his disguise was until Xan started showing up, asking innocuous questions and distracting him with her curves. Now he wishes the beauty knew he wasn’t such a beast. But he won’t let Xan ferret out his secrets. Because he’s hiding one that’ll rock the underworld and change the fate of demons forever…if no one stops him first.

The chemistry between them is more than a case of opposites attract. But time’s running out for Xan, and as she gets closer to unraveling Quution’s plans, both will be forced to choose between the destruction of the realms or saying goodbye forever.

This is the last book on the New Vampire Disorder series – and my first introduction into the world the author has created; so to be very honest, there were quite a few points in the story where I ended up being lost, since there was quite a backstory I had no idea about.  

Did that mean I didn’t enjoy this comical paranormal romance? I definitely got hooked into the book from the start; and didn’t let go until I was done with epilogue.  

On one hand, we have Xan, who is sent to spy on Quution or Q as he is commonly known – spying that is done by her reluctantly for she has an evil demon Spaeth pulling her strings. 

What she did not expect was to be attracted to this hideous looking demon – this unlikely and definitely unexpected attraction makes for some interesting (read: amusing!) moments that endeared both the protagonists to m, immediately.  

On the other hand, there is Quuition – he has his own reasons to be in a hideous disguise – to protect himself while conducting his research on the spells required to close off the human race from the underworld.  

But Xan and his unanticipated startling attraction to Xan poses a complication he did not see coming; and one that has the ability to actually distract him from his purpose.  

This is more of a slow burn romance – at first, the attraction between Xan and Q is hilarious and makes up for some interesting interaction between them; but when they do end up giving in; it is hot, steamy and with spine tingling chemistry between them. 

I definitely enjoyed this hilarious paranormal romance – it is different and definitely very well written + had an amazing premise – especially to have a first time reader of this series to have this kind of attention and interest to the last book in a series!   

Plus, that epilogue? It definitely made sure that while there were couples I didn’t actually know, but it is a series I plan on reading from the start!

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Marie Johnston is an award-winning writer of paranormal and contemporary romance, and a RITA® Finalist. Marie decided to pursue her passion for writing and traded in her lab coat for a laptop to write her first book ever, Fever Claim. She lives in the upper Midwest with her husband, four kids, and two kittens. Other than hanging out with her family, Marie enjoys reading, movie dates with her hubby, getting outside on sunny days, and the all too rare – girls’ night out.


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