ARC Review: The Cast by Danielle Steel

The Cast is an irresistible celebration of the strength of women, finding the courage to persevere in life’s drama of heartbreak and joy, by the world’s favourite storyteller, Danielle Steel.

Kait Whittier has built her magazine column into a hugely respected read followed by fans across the country. She loves her work and adores her grown children, treasuring the time they spend together. But after two marriages, she prefers to avoid the complications and uncertainties of a new love.

Then, after a chance meeting with television producer Zack Winter, everything changes. Inspired by the true story of her own grandmother, Kait creates the storyline for a TV series. Within weeks, Kait is plunged into a colourful, star-studded world of actors and industry pros who will bring her vision to life, from the reclusive grand dame to LA’s hottest bad boy actor.

As secrets are shared and revelations come to light, friendships deepen. But in the midst of this charmed year, Kait is forced to confront the greatest challenge a mother could ever know and this unforgettable cast becomes more important to her than she ever could have imagined.

Disclaimer: I was provided with a Physical copy of the book by Pan Macmillan India in exchange for an honest review. However, all the thoughts, feelings and opinions expressed in this review are my own.

Danielle Steel books are wonderful for the times when you just need to reconnect your love for reading but do not want to get totally lost in a world different than your own.  

The Cast features the protagonist Kait Whittier; a well known magazine coloumnist; leading successful life yet she is feeling a little lost; ever since her grown up children have flown the coop. With two failed marriages behind her; she is reluctant to fall in love.

She meets Zac Winter, a successful producer who wants to use Kait’s grandmother’s fascinating true story as inspiration for a new television series. This is the opportunity that Kait’s been looking for – she is thrust into a world of glamour; and slowly but surely forms her own little family with celebrities around. They become her foundation, especially when tragedy befalls on her.

While I definitely enjoyed this book; I wouldn’t consider it a favourite – but it was a book that I definitely needed in a week that was filled with quite heavy reads.  

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ .75


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