ARC Review: Swear You Won’t Tell? by Vedashree Khambete-Sharma

When Mumbai Daily journalist Avantika Pandit is asked to interview her childhood nemesis Aisha Juneja, she knows it’ll like an express bikini wax – painful, but quick. Then Laxmi, her former best friend, shows up dead. And suddenly Avantika finds herself turning into the reporter she used to be – a nosy little newshound with the self-preservation instincts of a dodo. Now, she has to meet old acquaintances she’d hoped never to run into again, try to unravel the puzzle of Laxmi’s death, and ask the questions nobody seems to be asking: Who is the man Laxmi was in love with? Why hasn’t anybody heard of him? What does he have to do with her death? The answers could get her killed. But if the choice is between churning out listicles on handbags and death, dying might not be that bad after all.

Disclaimer: I was provided with an ARC by Harper Collins India in exchange for an honest review. However, all the thoughts, feelings and opinions expressed in this review are my own.

So, when one of my favourite bloggers / bookstagrammers (@athousandwordsamillionbooks) raved about this book; I knew I just had to get my hands on it – and Harper Collins India definitely were kind enough to oblige me!  

And like always; Aditi’s recommendation didn’t disappoint me!  

I was hooked on to the plot right from the moment I started – mostly because it is exactly what my work life is like; a little bit of sass, a whole lot of mechanisms to get the job that you really do want to work on and a little bit of overthinking about the people you work with – which I do believe is how adults actually survive in their professional life *grins* 

The protagonist; Avantika; is not only relatable but also had me  admiring her as well as giggling at her sass, sarcastic tone that is her default setting, in almost all situations even when it would have been better to have kept her mouth shut! So, hard not to root for her, when you identify with this strong, relatable woman!  

Also, can I get a Hoorah for non – romantic friendships – I didn’t realise how deeply I had been conditioned to expect romantic relationships when you have both genders in a friendship in the book – yet I was pleasantly surprised when it was not the case in this beauty! Which I have to say has created a whole lot of expectations for future books by this author!  

Plus, the writing itself was quite seamless; it flowed quiet perfectly one twist to the other; and had me giggling and smiling even at the litany of misfortunes following our protagonist – which had me glued to the book, till I could get a bit of a closure at the end!  

This is a definite recommendation for those readers who love get their sass on; especially needing more to add to their personal bank of sarcasm as well as those who pride themselves on being the best amateur sleuths as they can and for those times when you need to get lost in a book!  

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ .25


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