Unboxing: February “Doctor Who” IAAK Box

I have been a fan of Doctor Who ever since I started watching the reboot from Season 9 and I still watch it religiously even now (Yay for the FEMALE DOCTOR!!). 

But sadly, unlike other fandoms I rarely get a chance to collect merchandise for Doctor Who; mostly because they can be quite costly in Indi. So when one of my favouirte box subscription guys came up with this fandom box, I just knew I had to get it and mostly because I have no impulse control, I did *shrugs* 

The contents of the box are:  

  • The Daleks Comic Cover 3D Lunticular Poster 
  • 405” Tenth Doctor Vinyl Figure 
  • Doctor Who Coaster 
  • Two Doctor Who Post Cards  – Tardis & Doctor Who


  • Sonic Screwdriver  
  • Bookmarks from @enchanted.marks  – TARDIS; “We Are Stories In The End” & Weeping Angel  


  • Doctor Who Pouch 
  • “Allonsy” Sticker 

This box is filled with goodies that makes the fangirl in me oh so freaking happy; and though it is so hard to actually choose any favourites, but here I am still trying: 


Is there even a reason to exemplify why this is my top favorite? Just look at the beauty – and the words written on both sides of the pouch are the opening lines to different seasons of Doctor Who – HOW FREAKING AWESOME IS THAT? 

  • “Allonsy” Sticker 

I am gonna stick this on my laptop and I am gonna admire my possessions slowly becoming as fandom – y and a true possession of a fangirl!! 


I am a bookmark fiend, if you don’t already know – and @enchanted.marks is responsible for some of favorite bookmarks and almost all of them were part of @iaakbox and I am so thankful for it!   

So, here’s my unboxing, and if you are in need to satisfy the nerd in you; then definitely go for this subscription; they have amazing new themes every month and they usually sell out quite quickly so definitely go give them a look soon if you want a box for yourself!

You can find them on Instagram; Twitter, Facebook and Website.

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