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ARC Review: Marriage of Inconvenience (Knitting In The City #7) by Penny Reid

There are three things you need to know about Kat Tanner (aka Kathleen Tyson. . . and yes, she is *that* Kathleen Tyson): 1) She’s determined to make good decisions, 2) She must get married ASAP, and 3) She knows how to knit.
Being a billionaire heiress isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. In fact, it sucks. Determined to live a quiet life, Kat Tanner changed her identity years ago and eschewed her family’s legacy. But now, Kat’s silver spoon past has finally caught up with her, and so have her youthful mistakes. To avoid imminent disaster, she must marry immediately; it is essential that the person she chooses have no romantic feelings for her whatsoever and be completely trustworthy.
Fortunately, she knows exactly who to ask. Dan O’Malley checks all the boxes: single, romantically indifferent to her, completely trustworthy. Sure, she might have a wee little crush on Dan the Security Man, but with clear rules, expectations, and a legally binding contract, Kat is certain she can make it through this debacle with her sanity—and heart—all in one piece.
Except, what happens when Dan O’Malley isn’t as indifferent—or as trustworthy—as she thought?

Disclaimer: The Author provided me with an eARC for review. However, the thoughts, opinions and feelings expressed in the review are entirely my own!

This is such a bittersweet book for me – the ending to one of my all-time favorite series and author! I honestly, did NOT want to end the book; but I also COULDN’T STOP reading – I LOVE IT WHEN IT HAPPENS!!  

Kat and Dan had to have the slowest burn romance of all the characters I know; so it was a no – brainer that this book was one of my most anticipated reads of ALL TIME!  Kat and Dan are two very different individuals, yet somehow they clicked together, ever since I got to know them early in the series; for a minute I was worried that it wouldn’t be everything that I had expected them to be.

I shouldn’t have been worried though, Penny Reid gives us a fantastic send off to characters I have loved right from the start – this book and the characters was the perfect amalgamation of brood, swoon, the angst, romance and a writing of a plot that hooks you in from the start!  


Kat is the kind of heroine I can totally get behind – she knows she is imperfect and owns up to the fact; she can be kind of hard on herself – and she just needed someone to show her, to make her understand that she can be imperfect and yet be a good human being at heart.

And Dan. Oh DAN DAN DAN… DAN THE MAN. It’s very hard not to like this man. Many a times, a laugh burst out of me without my permission when I was reading him – yes he swears a lot; but I don’t think he would have been who he was without the swearing!!

And it was such a sweet thing to get my eyes on the rest of the gang as well – and I really am hoping that it is not a goodbye to these characters who have become like family!  

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ .5

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