ARC Review

ARC Review: If I Had to Tell It Again by Gayathri Prabhu

Sixty-six years of a lifetime gone. There would be no funeral. He had donated his body to the local medical college. It was part of his script, his fantasy about death. He would show his hospital donation certificate to anyone who came to our house. No rituals for me, he would announce. To his mind there was some justice in being cut up by medical students. He had wanted to be a doctor. There is his corpse, lying on the floor, people constantly milling around, talking about his untimely, unfortunate death, while I stare at everyone in dry-eyed annoyance. He had always been a popular man, much loved, generous to a fault to his neighbours, even if angry towards his own family. I just want him gone from the house. When the van from the morgue comes to pick him up, everyone urges us to touch his feet, to ask for his blessings. It is expected from children of dead parents. Everyone watches us. You first, an old man points to me, my father s first-born. I bend down, my fingers touch his feet. In my mind the words form, loud and distinct I forgive you.

Disclaimer:A Huge Thanks to Harper Collins India for providing me with a review copy. My thought, opinions and feelings expressed in this review are, however my own!

CAUTION: This book is a honest representation of the author’s life. But it also has triggers for mania, depression and other mental health issues. So, please take care of your mental first – you are precious and you deserved to be dealt with care!

A memoir isn’t a book that you can review. I don’t want to and I don’t think I will.

This is the memoir, the deepest feelings of the author in her life with a father who battled with depression; Written in the form of anecdotes, the writes succinctly describes the moments and events that shaped her life and personality in her interactions with her father.

A book of only 180 pages, it’s the raw emotions written between them that gets to the reader – a little to the dramatic end with the writing, but that keeps you interested in the story. It is the author’s talent that she evokes empathy in her readers, when keeping it open with everything that happened in her life, especially with her interactions with her father.

You don’t have a Psych major (like me, which is the reason why I was interested in the book) to read it – in fact it would be imperative for people from all ages and styles of life should read this beauty; if only to understand that Depression isn’t just a word that used by people around you; but that it is a state of mind that can affect everyone around them!

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