ARC Review

ARC Review: The Woman Who Saw The Future by Amit Sharma

Sapna Vaid has lived with a unique power for a decade; a power that turned her from a timid, wide-eyed, college-going girl into the most influential and powerful Goddess on Earth. Sapna can see the future and saves thousands of people around the world every year through her record-breaking, popular show ‘Lucky People’. The show had given Sapna’s life a meaning and gives her the courage to sleep every night, where death and blood await her in her dreams.
Even though the world is at her feet, the power costs Sapna her personal life. Thousands of prayers that come her way every year are her only solace, her only reason to live.
When a blinding hatred leads to a desperate act of revenge, a single misuse of her great power triggers a reversal of her fortunes. Now she must decide the path she has to take to preserve her unique gift and her fame, even if it turns her into a murderer on the brink of insanity.

Disclaimer:A Huge Thanks to Writers Melon for providing me with a review copy. My thought, opinions and feelings expressed in this review are, however my own!

It’s rare to find an Indian author who I would have been content with handling the genre of science – fiction, a genre that I have fallen in love with every iota of imagination I have.  

Saying that, Mr. Sharma had my attention with the blurb of The Woman Who Saw The Future (which btw is a spoilery, if I say so myself!) – but with my attention, he also had my apprehension about how he would handle this plot. 

From page 1; the author had me hooked – the story in multiple POVs, a brilliant tactic by the author to make sure that the reader gets a 360b degree look at the plethora of characters and their emotions with revolving around the main character – Sapna Vaid. This way the reader gets the glimpse or rather the whole story behind the girl that she was and the woman she became – and the role that everyone plays in her life.  

While I am not going to talk about the plot – I can’t without getting spoiler-y and it honestly is a book that you need to experience yourself. But it was the talent of the author that he made the connection between actual facts and the fictional ones to make the story certainly believable. Although at times, I did believe that the drama was a little bit on the extreme side, it didn’t take away from the pleasure of enjoying the book.  

All in all, this is one book by an Indian author that I enigmatically enjoyed every bit! 

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ .5

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