Goodbye 2017

Oh how this year has gone by! I had such high ambitions for this yeargetting married (achieved! YASS!!); complete my Goodreads Challenge (Finally achieved! Two days to spare :P!) and work on my blog (didn’t exactly get this!) 

But what achieved was a disenchantment towards reading – honestly I went through so many months of non – interest reading; and if it hadn’t been for my obligations to the blog, I think I would have lost my touch with the reading world fully; and that at the end of this year had me scared; and grateful for my blog and the wonderful humans I have met in this world! 

So, while I wanted to do my Favourites for this year as well; but I decided to introspect instead – I remembered the times I found myself slugging through a book, because I just couldn’t get myself excited for a book by an author I have loved; so instead I would find myself going back to my re – read favorites (ones that have been proven to get me out of a slump!) and yet still didn’t find myself excited for reading; and that broke my heart.  

So at the end of this year, I just want to take a moment to thank every single of these wonderful people (I am tagging them all on social media!) for sticking by me and it’s a promise that I will do my best to do better this 2018! ❤ 

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