ARC Review

ARC Review: Every Last Lie by Mary Kubica

New York Times bestselling author of THE GOOD GIRL, Mary Kubica is back with another exhilarating thriller as a widow’s pursuit of the truth leads her to the darkest corners of the psyche. 

“The bad man, Daddy. The bad man is after us.” 

Clara Solberg’s world shatters when her husband and their four-year-old daughter are in a car crash, killing Nick while Maisie is remarkably unharmed. The crash is ruled an accident…until the coming days, when Maisie starts having night terrors that make Clara question what really happened on that fateful afternoon.

Tormented by grief and her obsession that Nick’s death was far more than just an accident, Clara is plunged into a desperate hunt for the truth. Who would have wanted Nick dead? And, more important, why? Clara will stop at nothing to find out—and the truth is only the beginning of this twisted tale of secrets and deceit.

Told in the alternating perspectives of Clara’s investigation and Nick’s last months leading up to the crash, master of suspense Mary Kubica weaves her most chilling thriller to date—one that explores the dark recesses of a mind plagued by grief and shows that some secrets might be better left buried.

Disclaimer:A Huge Thanks to Harper Collins India for providing me with a review copy. My thought, opinions and feelings expressed in this review are, however my own!

This is a different type of dark and disturbing psychological thriller; a new – to – me author who does something that opens your eyes to the disturbing psyche of humans that we all believe isn’t true!  

The story is about the married couple – Clara Solberg and her husband Nick. The new parents, Clara and Nick are still dealing with the birth of their son Felix, and one night is shattered when the police knock on their door to tell her that her husband and her daughter Maisie crashed into a tree on their return journey from Maisie’s ballet classes and Nick is killed.

Overwhelmed with grief and unable to handle Nick’s death, Clara finds herself obsessed with the possibility of the accident being a deliberate one when Maisie starts being plagued with nightmares. When police dismisses her claims, she starts on a mission to identify the “culprit” behind the death of her husband’s “murder”.

This story is told in multiple POVs of Clara and Nick (before his death!); but her bitter investigation into Nick’s life reveals some unwanted truths and lies harbored by Nick.

It’s a slow pace start to the novel, but it gets to the heart of the matter human beings at their core are deceitful; even when their intentions might have been good! I loved the style of writing here; – the plot, which starts off slow, turns intensely into fast paced with suspense, pressure and twists that keeps your heart beating as the reader gets more invested into the characters and the plot.

All in all, it was quite an enjoyable read for the long wintery night, which is exactly when I read it!  

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

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