ARC Review: Baaz by Anuja Chauhan

1971. The USSR-backed India-Mukti Bahini alliance is on the brink of war against the America-aided Pakistani forces. As the Cold War threatens to turn red hot, handsome, laughing Ishaan Faujdaar, a farm boy from Chakkahera, Haryana, is elated to be in the IAF, flying the Gnat, a tiny fighter plane nicknamed ‘Sabre Slayer’ for the devastation it has wrecked in the ranks of Pakistan’s F-86 Sabre Squadrons.

Flanked by his buddies Raks, a MiG-21 Fighter, Maddy, a transport pilot who flies a Caribou and fellow Gnatties Jana, Gana and Mana, Shaanu has nothing on his mind but glory and adventure – until he encounters Tehmina Dadyseth, famed bathing beauty and sister of a dead fauji, who makes him question the very concept of nationalism and whose eyes fill with disillusioned scorn whenever people wax eloquent about patriotism and war…

Pulsating with love, laughter and courage, Baaz is Anuja Chauhan’s tribute to our men in uniform.


Disclaimer:A Huge Thanks to Harper Collins India for providing a review copy of this wonderful book. But the thought, opinions and feelings expressed in the review are entirely my own!

This is my first book by Ms. Anuja Chauhan, and to be honest, it was quite the fascinating experience.

I am a history buff – loving reading fictionalized and non – fictionalized versions of any historical era – but when it’s my own country’s history; I find that not a whole lot of fictional books do the justice to it!

So when I came across this book – with a dashing IAF Pilot at its helm and a war that is as intriguing as it is noteworthy – I knew this was going to be one heck of a ride!! 

The MC’s this book – Ishaan Faujdaar & Tehmina Dadyseth – are two strong individuals distinctly and when two such strong entities clash; it was definitely going give start to sparks and their encounters were always fun to watch out for!

The romance though did leave a little to be desired – giving off a typical Bollywoodesque vibe, I however had times where I kept wishing that these two characters had been given the respect that so clearly deserved as two strong separate personalities. They definitely challenged each other yes, but it did feel as if they also tried a little too hard to fit e\with each other.

The plot took a while for me to actually get my attention; but when it did, boy it would have taken a natural disaster of epic proportions to get me away from the book!

The writing is what exactly glued this book together – told in an incandescently India style, it didn’t take long to recognize the beauty of this author’s style and endear it to me.

This cuutie is my hubby who patiently stands for my obsession!! 😀


Okay, I am totally cool with non – HEA’s (HEA’s that do not follow the traditional style!), even if it makes me want to push the author into fiery depths of hell but I can control my bloodlust; I am not without rational thought (sometimes!); but I still need a bit more closure than the open – ended-ness that I got from this ending!

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 

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