ARC Review: Maidless in Mumbai by Payal Kapadia

I am on top of things. I have a seriously stuck baby inside me, and a queue of people between my legs. But I am on top of things. 

Career-driven reporter Anu Narain has a plan for everything till motherhood comes along. The baby poops/cries/pisses/ feeds round the clock. Anu loses her mind/ the plot/ the maid. And cabin fever strikes when her mother-in-law and her mother come over to help …

How does Anu become a working mom when her husband is happy playing the shirking dad? And when her house is a railway station where every maid is a passing train? Will Anu use wile and guile to make the maids stay and The Moms leave? Or will she succumb to that strange Indian malaise called maidomania?

Hysterically funny, unapologetically honest, and charming all the way, this is the diary of a maidless Mumbai mom who dreams of only one thing-the perfect maid to live happily forever with.

Disclaimer:A Huge Thanks to Bloomsbury India for providing a review copy of this wonderful book. But the thought, opinions and feelings expressed in the review are entirely my own!

2:30 PM, on a Fiery Sunday Afternoon

Me and my hubby are on our way to fulfill the adult-ing obligations of meeting relatives and I take this book, thinking to read some pages on the drive over.

Result: is me narrating passages of this book to my un-amused husband, distracting him while snorting inelegantly in the middle of my laughter.

As a working woman, recently married; I have understood a while back, that my house (and my life!) will not function properly without a maid – me and hubby both work and the one day my maid takes an off, it’s like an army of dust bunnies and their sidekick fleas are all around my home!

This book, in all its hilarity gave a real look at the problems a woman faces today; not just as a mother, but as a wife, a daughter but most of all as a woman – having to reconcile these identities into who you are as a human being ends up taking everything from you.

Ms. Kapadia does a freaking dazzling job of bringing in comedy to make her readers understand the severity of these problems a woman finds herself grappling with before, during and after the birth of her child. 

But this is not exactly a memoir – which is something I was actually afraid of when I started the book; but what I ended up with was a character that I infinitely empathized with, a plot that held my interest till the end and writing that made me grin and laugh till my sides hurt!

A definite winner!

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ .5

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