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2017 TBR Challenge

Hello, lovely fellow readers!! How has 2017 been treating you so far? Well, 2017 has brilliant so far for yours truly! I married the love of my life, and now have been adulating for almost 2 months now and I haven’t yet killed anybody! YAY!! 😛

But what has been going out of control is my TBR pile – I know, I know, when hasn’t that been true. But this time, I am doing something proactive to tackle this pile!

I am taking the 2017 TBR Challenge (#2017TBRChallenge) – I should apologize for I saw this challenge on a fellow book blog account but I now can’t seem to remember who this lovely peep was (If you do, could you please, pretty please, let me know, so that I could properly thank her/him!).

But here’s the idea, as far as I remember it and I am still winging it – make a list of books that you really want to strike of your TBR pile, and make time however you can in the remaining year to read as many as you can! Easy – peasy right?

Use the tag #2017TBRChallenge on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram to keep yourself updated on how well you are progressing (Pssttt!! Don’t forget to leave reviews for these lovely authors as well when you are done with the book!).

I would love for you peeps, to join me here, on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram; so we can cheer each other on for this challenge! ❤

Now (drumroll please!), here’s the ambitious list of books that I want to strike off from my TBR this year (as pictured below!):

  1. eBooks (in no order of preference)
  1. Physical Copies (again in no order of preference)

I will update monthly; about how many books I have actually completed that month from this list – hopefully giving a target for myself just might put in a small dent in the humongous TBR pile in front of me! 😛

Wish me luck peeps, for I am going to need it, to actually tackle this little (not realy!) TBR! ❤

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