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✮✮✮A delicious world of erotica, BDSM with alpha-subs and their Dommes, and a gripping love story…Welcome to The Bee’s Honey! The first book in New York Times bestselling author Kristen Ashley’s Honey Series, THE DEEP END is a seductive and rich lovestory. Order your copy today! ✮✮✮

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About THE DEEP END (Erotic Romance Releasing March 7, 2017):

Enter a decadent sensual world where gorgeous alpha males are committed to fulfilling a woman’s every desire…

Olivier isn’t sure what he’s gotten himself into when he joins the Honey Club, only that a dark part of him hungers for the lifestyle offered by this exclusive club. Here, no boundary will be left untested…and one’s deepest fantasies will become an exquisite reality.

When Amélie invites Olivier to surrender, she gives the alpha submissive what he craves. Soon they both find themselves falling harder than they ever anticipated—but as their connection deepens, the truth about Olivier’s past could destroy everything…

Gripping and seductive, The Deep End is the first book in a sensational new series from bestselling author Kristen Ashley.

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eARC provided in exchange for an honest review

Anything that Kristen Ashley writes is on my auto-TBR List (and yes that is a thing!) and I always apply to review her titles, though this is the first time I have gotten approved and that had me MORE EXCITED than even GETTING MARRIED!

Now that I have gotten my fangirl-ing excitement out of the way (not really! BUT IT’S A KA BOOK, so the fangirl-ing would never be over!) I usually dig BDSM books, but I have only read Dominant Males-Submissive Females categories; but that could be because we don’t get a whole lot of books that is vice – versa! (Recommendations anyone?)


IF YOU ARE A RETURNING KA FAN & ARE ON THE FENCE – Do not worry. Go ahead with the book. Trust me, she delivers.

Now on to the review:

But when I heard KA was writing a book about an Alpha-Sub Hero and a Dominatrix? I was not only intrigued but also a little apprehensive; but then it got through my mind that THIS IS KA BOOK and she definitely never disappoints!!

This is the start to a whole new series – Honey Series; and though this might be a bit of departure in terms of plot and content; old KA fans would find her signature blend of bluntness teamed with a whole lot of love and a brand-new set of characters to fall in love with!

Amelie was a Dominatrix; a good one and a well-known one in Bee’s Honey; a club that is as exclusive as is its clientele. But after seven years of playing, she is finally feeling unsatisfied, she wants something fulfilling, someone she can be herself with, in and out of the club; a man who gives in to her, but is also sure of himself without her!

Oliver aka Olly, is a KA Man and when I say a KA MAN, I mean all out confident, with a swagger and pretty much a Man’s Man – even looking at him through Amelie’s eyes, I had my doubts that this man could submit to a woman in the bedroom – and thus, my anxiety levels arose to pretty freaking much an all new height!

Their first interaction had me biting my nails in anticipation to how KA would handle her newest plot twist! But all my fears were in vain, not only were these two off the charts sizzling together, but they were also two wonderfully different yet relatable characters!

Am I amusing you?” she whispered, the whisper holding a tremor that was not of fear but of anger. 

His face set hard and his two words were so firm, the boulders again came tumbling. “Absolutely not.” 

“Then can you explain your humor?” she asked. 

He shrugged. “Sure. You are un-fucking-believably beautiful. You’re also un-fucking-believably hot. But I wouldn’t guess with the acres that make all of you, every inch of it so damned sweet, you’re a walking wet dream, that when you get riled you’re also un-fuckingbelievably cute. And there is no way in fuck five minutes ago, you told me a gorgeous redhead was gonna lead me to a room and make me her pony, I would be cool with that. But standin’ here with you, I’m totally fuckin’ cool with that.”

While I would love to say that I went into this book open minded, I honestly did not – All I could keep thinking was how KA would write an Alpha-Sub? I love; basically adore Alpha Men, and this idea of an Alpha Sub made me anxious and almost nauseous.

But she did it – and it is her talent that made fall in love with this unconventional hero – he had the same arrogance and sassiness along with the unflinching loyalty that a KA hero is idolized for; but there was this beauty in his submission to a woman in the bedroom; and acceptance of that submission; that in the end it was who he was and I had no choice but to accept and love him the way he was!

Marked you.” 

She drifted her hands down to his neck and stroked his jaw. “Yes, you did, Olivier.” “You wanted that.” It was not a question. It was a declaration. 

“Yes, Olly,” she whispered. His stare stayed locked on hers as he announced, “I’m yours, you can claim me, but get me now, Amélie, or we gotta have another conversation. You claim me, I claim you. I get my place. I get you make this decision. But I’m fuckin’ sayin’ it anyway. You’re mine.” 

She was his. 

No Domme allowed her sub to claim her. 

Not like that. 

But she already knew it. 

She actually knew it the first time she’d had him. 

He would be hers, and now he was. And she would be his.”

There are a whole lot of sexy scenes as well (I don’t usually talk about the intimate scenes, but I am making an exception for it this time!)– they will push you to the edge of your comfort level, but they will also make you tingle for something beyond what’s normal – seriously, this is more erotically sensual than has been ever seen with any of the KA books before; but it is brilliantly done with the usual suave KA is so well known and loved for.

“You give me something, many somethings, many somethings that mean the world to me, and you do it constantly, Olly.” 

“You get me,” he said low and firm. 


Okay. Maybe she didn’t. “You know you give me more, Amélie. You know I’m only me with you.”

But beneath all the different tastes for intimacy that these characters may have; it is still easy to relate to them. Why? Because underneath it all, they are just two human beings who are trying to find their perfect fir in this imperfect world – and their tastes, though different, to ours, doesn’t make their journey to that HEA any less worthy!

THIS BOOK IS NOT FOR EVERYONE – I will be honest, at first even I didn’t believe that this book could be for me either; but take a plunge into this beautiful boundary defying romance from KA, that will have your erotic senses tingling, and not only will you fall in love with this new Alpha-Sub Hero, but you will highly anticipate the stories that you just know are coming!

That’s the talent of this author; she takes a topic that tests your comfort level, yet ends up pitching it right out of the ball park! ❤

Cheers, Pavi

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At that moment, for the first time in years, she was paying no attention to Stellan.

This was because Talia’s tall frame shifting out of the way offered an unhindered view of something else that had slipped in without her notice.

And gazing at him, Amélie went still.

As did her breath.

And her heartbeat.

Leaning a shoulder against the wall beyond the edge of the bar, six or seven feet from the door to the playrooms, he was surveying the scene as if he wasn’t part of it.

Or as if it was he who was on the prowl.

But although a Dominant could mingle freely in the open space, this would be done with some intent.

If they were on the hunt, they’d be at a booth.

Subs were not allowed to sit in a booth unless the invitation was extended. They populated the floor, on display, it was requisite.

In the mesh of bodies, a sub could be identified in a variety of ways. The cast of their gaze. Their bearing. Jewelry that declared their status.

And their position in the hunting ground.

No Dominant would linger there like he was, partially for that reason. Clear communication and transparent messages were key in their world. No Dom would give the impression of being a sub.

This was explained at length during membership orientation.

That magnificent beast was a sub.

An alpha-sub, assuredly.

It came from his sheer size, like a cloak stitched to his skin he had no hope of shrugging off (not that he’d wish to).

He had to be six five, perhaps taller. His dark suit and mono-chromatic shirt necessarily tailored for his physique for there were very few men on this earth that had it. His shoulders as wide as a log. His chest a veritable wall. The muscles Amélie had no doubt were hidden under his clothing apparent in the exposed line of his throat. It wasn’t that he had no neck. But that lethal shank of corded, sinewy muscle could not be established and maintained if the rest of him didn’t match precisely.

She knew he was alpha beyond that. His stance at the wall, casual and self-assured, it was openly cocky. He knew his allure. He knew his beauty. He knew even if he wasn’t exactly your type, every being would understand with base instinct his attraction.

He also knew how to use this. All of it. It was his art as sure as reading it on him was Amélie’s.

From what she could tell, his hair was dark blond, the thickness of it, how it was longer at the top, clipped short at neck and ears was so appealing, she was willing to make that single allowance for she preferred her toys to have dark hair.

She made that allowance, but if she had her way, and she often did, he’d grow it longer so there’d be more of it to fist her fingers into as a means to use to make him serve her will.

His facial features only heightened his appeal that already, with the rest of him, defied belief.

A strong brow over eyes she couldn’t see the color of from her distance. Hollowed cheeks under high cheekbones and over a firm, cut, clean-shaven jaw. And a large nose that was openly pugilistic, the dent at the top of the bridge not created by God but by a break that he didn’t deem important enough to have set properly.

Staring at him, utterly incapable of not doing it openly, she felt the insides of her thighs tingle. And her nipples were hard buds, the restriction of the lace of her bra suddenly excruciating.


Now that was whisky.

“Oh my, Leigh, are you seeing what I’m seeing?” Mirabelle asked. And before she could answer, her friend went on, “It’s like he was made for you.”

It was, indeed.


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Kristin Ashley - headshotAbout Kristen Ashley:

Kristen Ashley was born in Gary, Indiana, USA and nearly killed her mother and herself making it into the world, seeing as she had the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck (already attempting to accessorise and she hadn’t taken her first breath!). Her mother said they took Kristen away, put her Mom back in her room, her mother looked out the window, and Gary was on fire (Dr. King had been assassinated four days before). Kristen’s Mom remembered thinking it was the end of the world. Quite the dramatic beginning.

Nothing’s changed.

Kristen grew up in Brownsburg, Indiana and has lived in Denver, Colorado and the West Country of England. Thus, she’s blessed to have friends and family around the globe. Her family was (is) loopy (to say the least) but loopy is good when you want to write. They all lived together on a very small farm in a small farm town in the heartland. She grew up with Glenn Miller, The Everly Brothers, REO Speedwagon and Whitesnake (and the wardrobes that matched).

Needless to say, growing up in a house full of music, clothes and love was a good way to grow up.

And as she keeps growing, it keeps getting better.



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