Book Review: Rock Chick Reawakening (Rock Chick 0.5) by Kristen Ashley


From New York Times bestselling author, Kristen Ashley, comes the long-awaited story of Daisy and Marcus, Rock Chick Reawakening.

A prequel to Kristen’s Rock Chick series, Rock Chick Reawakening shares the tale of the devastating event that nearly broke Daisy, an event that set Marcus Sloane—one of Denver’s most respected businessmen and one of the Denver underground’s most feared crime bosses—into finally making his move to win the heart of the woman who stole his.

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This was exactly the ending (or maybe the starting!) for a wonderfully beloved series: The Rock Chick Series.

P.S. This review is late for I went and binge – read the rest of the series. I just couldn’t resist, and then fell in love with all the characters, all over again. ❤

In case, you are new to Kristen Ashley or even the Rock Chick Series, I would advise you to, wait no, it is a sincere request that you PUT THIS SERIES ON TOP OF YOUR TBR! Know that it is a wonderfully hilarious series that you won’t be able to stop reading, until all of them are done, and yet want more and more!

Disclaimer: This review will be slightly spoiler-ish if you haven’t read the Rock Chick Series, but this book CAN BE READ AS STANDALONE! ❤

I have been intrigued by Daisy and Marcus Sloan, ever since they were introduced in the Rock Chick Series, and that little bit of interest became full on stalking when tidbits about Daisy’s life were revealed, and yet there was nothing, not even a single peep about Marcus Sloan which made me salivate all the more for their story.

There was never any doubt in my mind, about the love they had for each other. It was not only tangible, but also soul touching in every book they had been featured in. Which trusts me, made the wait for this book all the worthier!

How did Daisy and Marcus reach their castle? How is that a man who has his fingers in the bad of the bad, turn out to be a man who a woman like Daisy worshiped? Why were they even attracted to each other? Was it because Daisy was a stripper in the club that Marcus part owned? Was it her looks? Was it his looks? Was it money? Was it something else? Did Marcus believe that Daisy would be easy?

*I felt so bad to even think these questions, for I honestly adored Daisy and never even felt that Marcus was a bad guy*

All in all, I had so many questions, and the fact is that these were not only answered, but this book was so much more than just giving the fans what they needed.

Daisy and Marcus’s story is one that needed to be told, not only because we, as readers have loved both, but because theirs is a story of the light shining through the dark, a dark that seemed indistinguishable but it gives us hope that there will always be light!

Daisy, as evidenced by the later books in the series, is a strong woman, not just because she understands who exactly she is, but because she has seen the worst of human kind, yet never has lost that inherent goodness, and I never realised how much of a role Marcus played in that; in protecting Daisy like she should have been all her life.

Marcus Sloan was an enigma in all the Rock Chick Series, and while Daisy played quite a role in every drama, Marcus was always in the background. And to be honest, even knowing that Marcus’ “field of work”; I honestly couldn’t bring myself to believe that he was actually inherently bad – because there was no way a woman like Daisy would ever love a man without believing in his soul!

“It was just the two of us but she loved me and I loved her and that was all we needed. She gave me a great deal. And right now, what you need to know that she gave me is the understanding of exactly the kind of woman I would eventually claim as mine.” 

“And what kind is that?” 

“One who’s beautiful. One who’s smart. One who’s kind. One who’s strong. One who doesn’t give a shit what people think about her. One who’d do what she could for anyone who asked no matter if it isn’t convenient or easy. One who knows what having nothing feels like so she knows what matters and to appreciate it when she gets it.”

But damn if Marcus didn’t steal my heart away from the rest of the Hot Bunch – he is the epitome of what a man actually is, despite his profession; he is caring, amazingly patient and definitely loyal – and for those who actually read these in order, Marcus will set the bar high and trust me, the rest of the Hot Bunch feel the heat.

And that freaking epilogue! The little tidbits that you get at the end, from all the Rock Chicks, was equivalent to a giant hug, no kidding and left me a huge smile on my lips for the rest of the week!

This was in a roundabout way, the perfect send off to a group of characters whose adventures and drama pretty much fulfilled my virtual life! ❤

“I handle you with care. I’ll always handle you with care. I will never, not ever, Daisy, give you reason to leave me. I won’t cheat on you. I won’t beat you. The gambles I take will be in business only, but you’ll always be covered financially regardless. I like to drink but I never drink too much. I’ve never taken drugs in my life. I like control and you can’t be in control inebriated or stoned. To end, you’re safe with me. You’ll get from me only what you deserve, which is everything I can give you doing it handling you with care.” 

“Okay, sugar.” She was still whispering. 

“Is that completely understood?” 

She nodded. She was staring at him so closely he decided she did understand. Completely. 

Regardless, he kept going. “If I break any of those promises, you’re free to leave me. If I don’t, you’re not. Not ever. If something isn’t working, we talk it out and make it work. Which means we’ll always work so there will be no reason to leave.”

Cheers, Pavi

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