Top It Off: Favorite Reads of 2016


Do you have any idea how infuriatingly difficult it is to choose your favorite reads from all the book I have read in 2016?? Let me tell you, it definitely is not!

I have spent the whole of December trying and internally debating with myself as to how could I even select so few books from all the books that I have read this year!

So before I change my mind, you should go ahead and read my favorites list, in no particular order really!


“Of all people I would ever want in my corner for moral support, here was the most unexpected one… and the biggest one. My friend. The keeper of my secrets. My moral support. My paperwork.”

This was a surprise read for me really – honestly, I do not even remember why I picked up this book; except the blurb just really got to me! Over 600 pages or so, this book shot to the list that was just starting this year; and at the end of the year, it remains one of the best books I have read in 2016!

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“Certain loves can’t be fought. The harder you tried, the harder you would be knocked back, over and over again, until it beat you into submission, until your heart caved and body surrendered. Love like that didn’t know the rules of society; it didn’t care about life mistakes. It only knew what must be, and what would happen—no matter what.”

This the book started my love affair with sports romance – this was beautifully written and tugged at my heartstrings so strongly that I still have flashbacks to some of my favourite moments from this book.

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“What could a lark teach an eagle?” he dared, and I felt that challenge from the grip of his hands to the gleam in his black gaze.

An eagle can’t sing. It was the only thing I could think of.

His lips twitched. “And my lark can’t speak.”

I am not your lark.

“You are.”

Rarely do we find a fantasy romance in the adult genre; but Amy Harmon did it so beautifully and eloquently that it has stayed with me throughout this year. She has a new book out – From Sand to Ash; which is on my eReader, but I still have to get to it *shamefaced*

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“Don’t tell me I don’t fucking love you,” he said, his tone fierce. “I bought a hair dryer just so you’d have it here to use whenever you stayed the night.”
“I stocked up on what’s probably the most disgusting snack known to man simply because they’re your favorite.”
“No one, and I mean no one has a key to my house but me, and now you. I’ve never given a key to anyone.”
Bam, bam, bam!
“For Christ’s sake, I named my cat after you! A cat that fucking hates me! So don’t tell me I don’t love you, because everything I’ve done is because I’m out of my goddamned mind, crazy for you, you stubborn, hardheaded woman!”

Another new to me author – but a beautiful nonetheless! I honestly did not know what hit me, when I started this book – and the next thing I knew, I had a new favorite author to check out – I LOVE that feeling that you have when you realise you have a whole new list of books to go through – look out 2017; more Jessica Prince reviews coming up! 😀

Also, have you seen the covers of her other series – Color Series? So FREAKING PRETTY *_*

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“This right here—every single piece of you—is very precious cargo to me. If anyone mistreated it, I’d lose my shit. You’re not just my best friend, you’re my sanity. You’re priceless, Sarah.”

This one also snuck up me – and the fact that it had a trope that I am not really comfortable with (friends – to – lovers); it was the rich characterization that stole my heart. The heroine suffers from CP, but hasn’t let that stop her from living her life – and her best friend? He adored her; though it took years for him to make his move *men* –  but their relationship is GOALS!
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“I’d lived twenty-six years of life before that night.

But, suddenly, I was alive for the very first time.

I knew absolutely nothing about that man.

But I knew he was mine.

And I was meant to be his.”

Two couples – two beautiful in love couples, whose lives end up intertwined in ways they had never even imagined!

I rarely read duets; but this one was high on action, drama and the swoon worthy romance that has not one, but TWO FREAKING ALPHAS who just made me melt into a pile of goo 😉

“That’s how you balance the scales, Clare. You open that sexy mouth and use it to tell me about yourself. I don’t need favors. I need you.”

Oh. My. God.

Heath’s blanket of warmth didn’t just wrap around me.

It enveloped me.

Head to toe.

Mind and soul.”

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“That’s twice now I’ve made you scream, sweet cheeks, without even laying a finger on you.”

His gaze, searing hot, travels down the length of my naked body. His voice grows husky. “Imagine what I could do with all ten.”

Oh, this was such a surprise for me! I only picked up the book for the blurb intrigued me at that time, and the next thing I knew the book was done and I had a new favourite. Pick this one up, if you love your heroines not only sassy but ninjastic and your heroes not only alphas but secure in his masculinity.

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This book has A CHARACTER NAMED AFTER ME!! Yes, you heard that right – this wonderful and so amazing author named a character after me!! But that’s not all that this book has it going for it – it is one of those action and adventure case of misunderstandings that not only gets you hooked right in, but also sweeps you in a world that is new to you!

“I am tired of not existing. They can keep Princess Jinver’s daughter a secret, but shall not suppress Pavola Ward (aka Pavi!!!). For I will go into the world and make a name for myself.”


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“I’ve missed you.”
She gave me a small smile like she found the statement silly, tilting her head to the side and allowing me to hold her fingers hostage. “When did you miss me?”
“Until now. Until right this moment.” I pressed her palm between mine, studying how we fit together, how my large hand swallowed her much smaller one. “I think I’ve always missed you.”
“I think I’ve missed you all my life,” I murmured unthinkingly to her.

My top favourite writing duo of all times – I adored The Hooker and The Hermit (Read My Review) and I surely fell in love with The Player and The Pixie – two writers who bring off beat characters to life individually; but when these two come together, it is a hilariously mind-blowing experience!

(P.S. You need to click on the image below, to know exactly why this book is my favorite! <3)

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“No more backdoor?”

“No more backdoor.”

He appeared crestfallen. “Ever?”

“Never,” Kate said firmly.

“Not even on my birthday or like a special occasion?”

“Are we still talking about my computer?” she asked.

“You probably are.”

I fell in love with Ian and Kate from the first page – this duology honestly had me in splits the one second and then had me melting into a pile of goo when I had their relationship in front of me!

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L.H. Cosway is another who has touched my heart with every single word that she has written, and Thief of Hearts isn’t anything different! Just that it was a book that I had a whole lot of expectations from and not only did it meet them, but actually surpassed them!

“I mean, honestly, we’re basically the same age. It’s not like there’s even a taboo. This isn’t high school. You’re not a seventeen-year-old girl and I’m not an attractive twenty-something male history teacher.” 

“No, I’m a thirty-year-old ex-convict and you’re an attractive twenty-something adult education teacher. Still feels like a sexy taboo to me.”

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“We have to work together, and I’m not interested in your innuendos.”



“They’re not innuendos. They’re promises.”

“Again!” I stopped and put my hands on my hips. “This isn’t professional, West.”

He stopped too and turned back to me. “West. That’s the first time you’ve called me anything but Mr. Rykman since you got here.”

“I got here yesterday and saw you for the first time not twelve hours ago!”

“And look how frustrated you are.”

Yes, I cheated and put two books together – but to be honest, while they may be standalones, they are related to each other. And honestly, male strippers? Accidental marriages? Single mother? And plots that make you laugh all the way to falling in love with the characters. What’s not love? 😉

“You don’t like the word no, do you?” I breathed out, glaring at him as my hair worked itself free from behind my ear.

He smirked. “No. I’m an overgrown brat.”

“Evidently. My six-year-old is better behaved than you are.”

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“Yeah, baby?” Tears threatened as I realized he was just as pensive as I was. “I need you to teach me how to play it cool.”

His lips brushed my temple as my chest finally exploded, and I stifled a sob. Soft lips brushed my shoulder before he moved to whisper softly in my ear.

“I can’t.”

“Why not?” I heard my voice shake as he pulled me closer and whispered again.

“I fell for you the way you are.”

“That’s selfish.”

“And I always will be when it comes to you.”

Another sports romance that also snuck up on me! Loved the hilarious and wonderfully sweet romance between Alice and Rafe – a romance that started off with brilliant chemistry but ended up with warmth enough that kept me smiling long after I closed the book.

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Cheers, Pavi

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