Top It Off: 2016 Favourite Authors


2016 has been quite a roller coaster year for me and not just personally!

It has been a wonderfully brilliant year for me – reading wise! I have found so many new (to me and to you!) amazing authors; whose works I have fallen in love with; over and over again! I have listed them below, in no order, these beautiful ladies, who have not just touched my heart but my soul with their words ❤


This lady is brilliant – every work that comes out of her hands, will always be always be on top of my TBR. Her Masters and Mercenaries Series, is hands down, one of my favourite series, in the whole freaking world – her characters have become like those family members, I don’t get to meet a whole lot, but its’ always like a warm freaking hug, every time I do!

Check her books out, if you love long series about one family that keeps on growing! Plus, her BDSM shenanigans are always welcome and not at all threatening; unlike some books we know!

You can read all about her books right here.




Now she is one sweet lady, whose Heart Shaped Hack (Read My Review) & White Hot Hack (Read My Review) was one of my favourite romantic comedy of this year, mostly because Ian is freaking hilarious and he ticks off every single thing on my checklist –

  • Intelligent
  • Sarcastic
  • Nerdy
  • Hot
  • Dangerous but Good
  • Adores Kate with everything in him!

And that’s not a made-up list! I promise! 😉

If you haven’t checked her books, you NEED to pick them up like right now!! Go. GO. GO!




I have to be honest, I have only read Moonshot (read my review) – but that one book was honestly enough to actually fall in love with this lady’s talent. I rarely read sports romances, but she unlocked something in me that made me check out other sports romances; but Moonshot will always, and always be my Top Favourite Sports Romance, for years to come!




I do not remember how I came across this wonderful author; but I do remember that I adored the blurb for Wall of Winnipeg and Me (read my review) – I remember picking it up, reading the first few pages, and then realizing that the book is over 600 pages (WOAH!), but I could NOT PUT IT DOWN, just after reading the first few pages! And I read the whole freaking book in one single sitting! 600 pages in ONE SINGLE SITTING! Last time that happened, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince had come out!

Mariana Zapata, honestly is the Queen of Slow Burn Romance – and the romance is so freaking well written, that I loved the whole experience of a slow-slow romance; which I usually do not like!

She just had a new book come out – Wait For It, that loved as well, but Wall of Winnipeg and Me is still my favourite of her books! 😀




I have sadly not reviewed any of the books “officially” – but I literally go on a binge once I start reading one of her books. Because you know what? I found KA books at the start of this year; and I have already re-read her books at least three times by the time I sat down to write this list.

KA writes some of the hands down, the Alpha-est (is that even a word?) Heroes ever! Love every single freaking character of hers and to be fair, while most of them could actually be considered similar, it is KA’s writing that brings out the uniqueness of each of the character she writes!

She has a new novella coming out the start of January 2017 – The Rock Chick Awakening; making the start to the New Year a brilliant one for me!




Now this lady is badass – she writes romances that are not just full of action, but her heroines are literal tushi kicking ninjas who are my soul sisters. I read the Mercenaries Duology (Read My Review), again in one sitting; two freaking assassins who have this brilliant chemistry, but end up being the hair pulling, punching and kicking kind of hate – love running for life kind of relationship that I freaking loved going through the journey with!

She writes squeamish, giving creepy shivers kind of plots but really you just can’t stop reading every word that she writes!

She has a new duology I works – the first book; Neighbors (read my review) is now out with the next book, Neighborhood is coming out in 2017!




This lady’s Retrieval Duet – Retrieval (read my review) & Transfer (read my review) was hands down the one of my TOP FAVOURITES of 2016 – the blurb, the plot, the romance, the characters; everything about the duet stole my heart, my soul and my breaths with it!

I hadn’t ever read anything from Aly before; but it is now my strongest wish to won every single book of hers on my kindle and in paperback (preferably signed! Are you listening Aly?).




Yes, please she is a new author to me. But please, please do not kill me for this!

Also, the fact that Managed (VIP #2) is my first book by her (yess! Not even the first book – Idol) but in my defense by the time I was approved for the eARC, me and my boyfriend had decided on a date for our marriage; so everything went topsy-turvy – so I only could end up reading Managed; but again, I fell in love.

Adored the way characters’ – ‘Darling’ and ‘Sunshine’ journey to their HEA – but I fell head over heels for Kristen’s writing style – it is simple in his effervescent and the way it hid all the depth to the characters that the reader ends up unravelling!

Can’t wait to get my hands on her books – mostly because the paperback would look soo pretty on my bookshelf 😉




Her debut book – Taylor Made (read my review) was pure perfection; so I think it was a irreverence that it was actually compared to Fifty Shades of Grey – I know that they do have a following, but seriously, in my opinion, was a far better book than Grey ever could be!

I adored how detailed her plot, her story was for a first timer, and she stole my heart with Emme and Graham – and one of my biggest reading regrets (yes, that is a thing: my thing!) is that I still haven’t been able to find time to read its sequel Taylored to Perfection!

But I am thinking, it would be a perfect read for my honeymoon? What say peeps? (Also, can anyone else make a case for paperback copies for me as a wedding present to K.J.?)




Yeah, this woman is always, and I mean always on my favourites list; no matter what she writes – even if it’s a grocery list. That’s how much of a big fan of hers I am! Literally, she could write just baby names or even swear words, and I would end up reading it with full attention and adoration (and, no this isn’t creepy!)

I started off with her Knitting in The City series – and I haven’t looked back since! This year, two of her books made it to my favourite list – The Player and The Pixie (with the lovely L.H. Cosway) [Read My Review] and Beard Science with Grin and Beard It [Read My Review] coming close second!

I can’t wait to see what this Queen of Weirdness comes up with in 2017!




This beautiful and amazing author is not only a favourite of this year; but she is also an astounding talent.Her political futuristic drama romance (I am still astonished with the different genres she has managed to combine in one brilliant Saga!). I adore her ability to actually write with such a clarity that it sticks with you long after you are done with her books.

Plus, the covers? The covers of every single book are just ON POINT!




This lady is honestly the sweetest ever! One email conversations months back, and the next thing I know, she is contacting me to tell me that she has actually NAMED A CHARACTER AFTER ME IN HER NEXT BOOK!! Do you have any idea how absolutely proud I am of this fact?

Plus, her books are always on point when it comes to fantasy and romance!

P.S. the book that has my character in it? It’s The Wrong Prince 😀




I fell in love with this beautiful author’s writing in Finding Emma (Read My Review) and then Carry Your Heart duology (Read My Review) — she also is the first author who had trust in me to take my views as a Beta Reader in her most recent book All of the Lights, which is honestly her best work till date!  ❤



Thank you, lovely authors who have made this year of blogging one of my favorites! I can’t wait to see what 2017 brings for all of us ❤ 

Cheers, Pavi


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